Hike Australia is a website dedicated to just that. Hiking Australia.

From the Cathedral ranges, The grampians, Flinders ranges, Daintrees I would like to write about them all. There are hundreds of beautiful parks across Australia. I would be very happy to hear from anybody that would like to submit information regarding any of the parks near them that they regularly visit.

The idea behind Hike Australia is a centralised source of detailed information for hiking across a variety of unusual locations. There is a state and national park website for each state of Australia, and they are quite useful, but the often don’t provide the kind of information that hikers or even tourists are looking for easily acessable online.

I also want to include Equipment reviews, Tricks and Tips on making tools or gear for hiking and instructional pages and videos on everything from the best way to pack your Overnight Pack, to errecting a shelter using a Tarp and a few pegs.

About the Authors:

My name is Ben,  I conceived this site and have begun conscripting my hiking buddies to assist in the creation of what I hope will become a rich resource of Camping, Hiking, backpacking and bushwalking compendium of our combined knowledge.

I am a Wholesale Manager for a Telecommunications carrier, because of this I spend a LOT of time in front of a computer and it was this constant presence of technology that finally pushed me back out into the bush. No email, no phone, no internet, just my wits, my fitness (which was a lot less repseldent than I remembered) and my learned knowledge.

I have been camping for as long as memory, My parents took me camping in my youngest years before I joined Cub-scouts at 9 years old. I then moved into scouting when i was old enough before finally spending time in Venturers where I became an assistant abseiling instructor. At 18 I finished up with scouting, but never stopped loving to camp and hike. I gained a lot of experience during these 9 years and I love to impart knowledge to those who would listen.

More recently I have been devoting a lot of time to this site, and through that have come up with some incredible new techiniques, tools and rules of my own. Slowly; and when I have the tenacity to do so I will publish them online for you my ever growing reader base.

You can contact me with any requests or suggestions and I will do my best to incorporate these to the site. You can do this by commenting on any of the articles or emailing me on: Ben [at] hike-australia.com