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Gear Review: Airspresso – Extreme hiking coffee machine

I have a very exciting and interesting review ahead for coffee aficionados, with the Airspresso. With this in mind, I’d like to thank Steve over at Airspresso for getting one of these into my hot little hands to review, I have already spent far past my budget on gizmos and gadgets over the last couple of months! The first impression I had upon opening the box and getting the machine out was the sheer workmanship and quality of the device. I … Continue reading

Wombat State forest: Carrolls Spring

I would like to welcome a new member to the Hike Australia team; Lilly. Lilly, Liz and I went on our first hike over the labour day long weekend. This was her first hike ever, and she not only coped very well, I think she enjoyed the walk thoroughly. I will be writing the article as Lilly is our new Border Collie, and at 14 weeks, she hasn’t quite yet got a handle on the keyboard. I kid! With Lilly’s … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 3 – Thurra River

Welcome to the final day post on for the Shipwreck creek to Thurra river hike. Day 3 of my extended hike along the wilderness coast in the Sandpatch area of Croajingolong National Park. The third and final day in which we would would both walk the longest distance we have ever covered by foot in a single day, a whopping 22km over Sand and rock crossings, and it was good if quite tiring. If you haven’t read the preceding two … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 2 – Wingan Inlet

Day 2 of my hike in Croajingolong, this was the hardest day for me, Liz and I differ on whether day 2 or 3 was tougher, but I had creaky knees when we made it to Wingan Inlet so I’m stating that the second day was the toughest. If you haven’t read the preceding day, I suggest you start here Waking up early, we were on the way after a quick brekky; no time to mess about, we wanted to make … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 1 – Benedore River

I am so happy to be typing this out. I have completed the Shipwreck creek to Thurra River component of the East Coast Wilderness walk across the Sandpatch Wilderness Area. The component that Liz and I completed over three days from the 4th to the 6th of January is roughly a 50KM stretch. The day 1 component is quite short, as we started at Shipwreck as opposed to Mallacoota as we had to drive there from our start point at … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Thurra River campsite

The recent summer holidays were kind to me, I had the luxury of heading out to Croajingolong for a week, as well as spending a few days further north at Carrington Falls (Which I will be covering another day). When I camp at Croajingolong, I typically like to head down to Thurra as a base camp, my family have been heading down there for years. I want to try being a little bit easier to read when it comes to … Continue reading

Murray Sunset National Park: Pink Lakes

Easter weekend earlier this year, I went on an trip to the North-West part of Victoria, you have seen my previous posts on Wyperfeld NP and its Campgrounds. I also stayed at the Pink Lakes at Murray Sunset national Park. First and foremost, getting there is a tedious long 6 hour drive along freeways, nearly the whole way. Be ready to change drivers as there is not so much as a turn or a lane change for more than an … Continue reading

Happy First Birthday Hike Australia

Hike Australia turns 1 year old today! To give you all a bit of an idea, when I started this site, I used to see traffic of around 60 users a month. I wrote anyway, it was more of an enjoyable exercise, with a cathartic feel to it. Today, I receive emails daily, Traffic has sprung into the hundreds, I see more than 1500 unique visitors every month; and this number is constantly rising! I just want to thank all … Continue reading

Gear Review: Macpac Cascade 75FL

I have been Hiking around Australia with my Cascade for about a year now. I was lucky enough to pick it up when I was in Queenstown NZ on a Ski trip and it was ridiculously cheap. (Exchange rate + Sale!). Its a great pack, I have used it heaps over the last 13 months. (not 12 like I say in the video!). I hope that that was entertaining, engaging and helpful. I do want to cover the pack in … Continue reading

Gear update: MSR Whisperlite universal

Woo hoo! So this is exciting news in the world of light weight hiking! MSR has announced the next iteration of the whisperlite, which is scheduled for release in early 2012, and they have really out-done themselves this time! The new MSR will be capable of burning Gas in addition to the liquid fuels that they have previously burned by cleverly adding a different burner (Same as the way the current one works between different liquid fuels). Due to the … Continue reading