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5 tips for Winter Campers

I had a question the other day from one of my readers regarding winter camping and what I could suggest to make the trip more comfortable, I have been working on a more detailed post, but have been quite busy. So today’s post is just a quick post to quickly cover a few critical mistakes made my newbie winter campers. I remember my first winter camping trip out at Ballarat, I had a brand spanking new 0 degrees rated Roman … Continue reading

Cathedral Ranges; Ned’s Gully

Ned’s Gully is situated in the Cathedral Ranges state forest.  It shares the location with several camp sites I have previously talked about including Cook’s Mill, Farmyard. It is roughly 3km from the beginning of the walk from Cook’s Mill up to North Jawbone Peak, a walk I have previously discussed. The best way to get to Ned’s Gully is via the Maroondah highway out of Melbourne,  heading toward Buxton there is a turn-off clearly marked. Please use this link … Continue reading