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Google Earth Map; North Jawbone Walk

You can find below, a copy in KML file of the North jawbone walk, you should be able to download it and import into google earth. However in addition to this I have tried to put together an online viewer, which will let you get a rough idea without having to download anything. For my write up on the hike itself,  see here

Cathedral Ranges, North Jawbone Peak

North Jawbone peak in the Cathedral ranges is a very pretty hike.  The walk from Jawbone carpark to the North peak is relatively short, but rewarding in terms of the view (see pictures below).  I actually have a copious amount of photos of Jawbone, Sugarloaf and cathedral peaks, but I  dont have them on this computer so I will have to create a gallery later. The Cathedral ranges can be found about an Hour and a Half out of Melbourne, … Continue reading