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Choosing the right Multi-Tool: A guest post by Morry Barnes

Hi Readers, Ben here; Still look after this website I promise. Ive picked up a few extra hobbies of the last few years and I want to share those with you soon; but before that I want to introduce you to Morry Barnes. A Multitool Expert that has written a piece for us on how we should chose a Multi-tool for a trip / to purchase. Details on particular tools can be found on his website. Morry’s credentials and website … Continue reading

Im still here – A call for guest posts

Hi there everybody. You’ve probably noticed that its been over a month since I have had time to do a real update. Unfortunately ¬†with a busy life, sometimes Hike Australia like most hobbies, gets prioritised down the list somewhat. I haven’t even been on an overnight hike in 5 months, Heck I haven’t gone bush in two! Its been a busy year, with our new puppy Lilly monopolising afternoons for walks and training. On top of that, those who know … Continue reading

Happy First Birthday Hike Australia

Hike Australia turns 1 year old today! To give you all a bit of an idea, when I started this site, I used to see traffic of around 60 users a month. I wrote anyway, it was more of an enjoyable exercise, with a cathartic feel to it. Today, I receive emails daily, Traffic has sprung into the hundreds, I see more than 1500 unique visitors every month; and this number is constantly rising! I just want to thank all … Continue reading