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Beach Hiking: East Coast NSW

Hi All, This is the new trend it seems; I leave for a six months or so; come back because a good natured soul has decided they’d like to talk about their hiking experiences. I have to say, its pretty much what I wanted when I started out, even if its a lot less frequent than I intended. Alex has written up a piece on some of her local hikes up in the NSW/Syd area; so those of you from … Continue reading

Choosing the right Multi-Tool: A guest post by Morry Barnes

Hi Readers, Ben here; Still look after this website I promise. Ive picked up a few extra hobbies of the last few years and I want to share those with you soon; but before that I want to introduce you to Morry Barnes. A Multitool Expert that has written a piece for us on how we should chose a Multi-tool for a trip / to purchase. Details on particular tools can be found on his website. Morry’s credentials and website … Continue reading

Grampians National Park: Mt Difficult – a Guest post by Michelle

Hi All; Ben here. We’re back with another guest post, this time by Michelle Herbison, please have a read and comment at the bottom. Thanks for reading. A note from Michelle Herbison: I’m a journalist currently living in Torquay on Victoria’s coast. During my spare time I write for my blog, Cutting Corners, about life, adventure, cooking and other various hobbies I have. I like doing things on the cheap, saving money and appreciating the little things. Getting into hiking … Continue reading

Boots, Socks and Seasons: A sponsored post by Hi-Tec Sports

Hi All, Ben here. Below is a guide on thinking about the Socks you might be looking to chose depending on seasons, Its by Hi-Tec Sports, I’m sure for most of you they need no introduction, but for those who don’t recognise they’re a forerunner in the Hiking Boots industry. So thanks to Mike over at Hi-Tec, we’ve got an instructional and some considerations on what boots and socks you might want to consider looking at. ——- A Guide When … Continue reading

Langi Ghiran & Mount Gorrin Overnight walk – A Guest post by Sam

A note from Ben: Thanks for your patience everybody, We’re back again with another Guest post, Sam is a young adventurer that showed great interest in my site, and has been very patient with me and my sporadic upload schedule. Thanks for your continued patience readers and Sam alike! So in the usual form, here is a short introduction followed by the post! ————————————————————————— My name is Sam, and I love the outdoors, I love bushwalking and I love adventure! I … Continue reading

Wilsons Promontory National Park: A Guest post series by Adrian Brewer

A Note from Ben: Hi all, Wecome back to Hike Australia, I guess I’m kind of like that light on the distance, never around full time but always there when you look hard enough. For the next little while, I have another Author to thank for some of the posts you’ll be seeing. Adrian found Hike Australia a few months ago, and we have had a few chats about getting a few of his stories on here, yesterday he was … Continue reading

You Yangs: Saddleback track to West walk return

I’m back. Hike Australia has been on a bit of a hiatus because Liz and I have been dedicating our weekends to some other projects. With that finally out of the way after a grueling 10 month process that consumed nearly every Saturday for a year; we’re finally at the point where we can start to get out on the weekends again. So; celebrating our first weekend free was easy. Saturday the 7th of July turned out to be a … Continue reading

Gear Review: Airspresso – Extreme hiking coffee machine

I have a very exciting and interesting review ahead for coffee aficionados, with the Airspresso. With this in mind, I’d like to thank Steve over at Airspresso for getting one of these into my hot little hands to review, I have already spent far past my budget on gizmos and gadgets over the last couple of months! The first impression I had upon opening the box and getting the machine out was the sheer workmanship and quality of the device. I … Continue reading

Wombat State forest: Carrolls Spring

I would like to welcome a new member to the Hike Australia team; Lilly. Lilly, Liz and I went on our first hike over the labour day long weekend. This was her first hike ever, and she not only coped very well, I think she enjoyed the walk thoroughly. I will be writing the article as Lilly is our new Border Collie, and at 14 weeks, she hasn’t quite yet got a handle on the keyboard. I kid! With Lilly’s … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 3 – Thurra River

Welcome to the final day post on for the Shipwreck creek to Thurra river hike. Day 3 of my extended hike along the wilderness coast in the Sandpatch area of Croajingolong National Park. The third and final day in which we would would both walk the longest distance we have ever covered by foot in a single day, a whopping 22km over Sand and rock crossings, and it was good if quite tiring. If you haven’t read the preceding two … Continue reading