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Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 2 – Wingan Inlet

Day 2 of my hike in Croajingolong, this was the hardest day for me, Liz and I differ on whether day 2 or 3 was tougher, but I had creaky knees when we made it to Wingan Inlet so I’m stating that the second day was the toughest. If you haven’t read the preceding day, I suggest you start here Waking up early, we were on the way after a quick brekky; no time to mess about, we wanted to make … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 1 – Benedore River

I am so happy to be typing this out. I have completed the Shipwreck creek to Thurra River component of the East Coast Wilderness walk across the Sandpatch Wilderness Area. The component that Liz and I completed over three days from the 4th to the 6th of January is roughly a 50KM stretch. The day 1 component is quite short, as we started at Shipwreck as opposed to Mallacoota as we had to drive there from our start point at … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Thurra River campsite

The recent summer holidays were kind to me, I had the luxury of heading out to Croajingolong for a week, as well as spending a few days further north at Carrington Falls (Which I will be covering another day). When I camp at Croajingolong, I typically like to head down to Thurra as a base camp, my family have been heading down there for years. I want to try being a little bit easier to read when it comes to … Continue reading

Murray Sunset National Park: Pink Lakes

Easter weekend earlier this year, I went on an trip to the North-West part of Victoria, you have seen my previous posts on Wyperfeld NP and its Campgrounds. I also stayed at the Pink Lakes at Murray Sunset national Park. First and foremost, getting there is a tedious long 6 hour drive along freeways, nearly the whole way. Be ready to change drivers as there is not so much as a turn or a lane change for more than an … Continue reading

Dandenong Ranges: Sherbrooke Falls and Picnic ground

Situated in the Dandenong ranges, roughly 45 mins out of the City, the Sherbrooke forest area is a Lush green rainforest that differs greatly in terms of feel and environment even to the other side of the Dandenongs near the Thousand Steps. Getting here is quite easy, its well signposted, Click here, replace “melbourne” with your address for directions. The Sherbrooke Falls walk, and the Picnic ground itself are well established, which means that its very much an approachable short … Continue reading

Dandenong Ranges: Thousand Steps

Update 29/02/2012 - I was probably a bit lax when writing this about where the Thousand steps are for those of you whom aren’t from around melbourne. Follow this link, substituting “Melbourne” for your location: Click here for directions Perhaps the most famous walk in the Dandenong’s, the Kokoda memorial track is quite often referred to as the “thousand steps”. This trail is to commemorate the sacrifices made by our Soldiers during the Second world-war in particular along the Kokoda trail … Continue reading

Hiking Recipe: Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne is a great recipe that can easily be cooked for two or more people in a trangia with very little effort. Its great for a longer hike because with Dehydrated mince and a few veggies, you can easily have a meaty dish much later in your hike. This is actually Liz’s and My own hiking con carne recipe, based on the one we would normally cook if we are at home. Required equipment: Trangia/ MSR Simmerlite / Hiking stove / … Continue reading

Bunyip State forest: Nash Creek campground

Just a quick review on Nash Creek Campground in the Bunyip state forest. I went for an over-nighter to Bunyip at the end of may and I must say Nash Creek was a great site. The drive in left a little to be desired, we drove in via emerald and grabbed a coffee at a little place called Charlottes on main, which was a great coffee, but before long driving in to the actual park, we were constantly dodging pot … Continue reading

Wyperfeld NP: Snowdrift Campground

Not accessible except via 4wd tracks or Walk-in, you will need to be a little more prepared for this than with Casuarina or have a 4wd at your disposal. There are limited campsites here (4 quite large ones) and a few day visitor car parks. The Snowdrift Campground is nestled at the base of the largest and whitest Sand dune in Wyperfeld National Park. I will testify to the fact that I didn’t see anything bigger while I was there. … Continue reading

Wyperfeld NP: Casuarina Campground

Well now; I had a busy Easter, Over the next week or so I am going to do my best to cover what I did, cooked, saw, carried and learnt about Wyperfeld National Park and later Murray Sunset National park. Much to my glee, when we arrived at Casuarina Campground we were able to find an available campsite, this was an unexpected boon, after all, it was Easter. For the first in this series of posts I am going to … Continue reading