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Gear Review: Airspresso – Extreme hiking coffee machine

I have a very exciting and interesting review ahead for coffee aficionados, with the Airspresso. With this in mind, I’d like to thank Steve over at Airspresso for getting one of these into my hot little hands to review, I have already spent far past my budget on gizmos and gadgets over the last couple of months! The first impression I had upon opening the box and getting the machine out was the sheer workmanship and quality of the device. I … Continue reading

Gear Review: Macpac Cascade 75FL

I have been Hiking around Australia with my Cascade for about a year now. I was lucky enough to pick it up when I was in Queenstown NZ on a Ski trip and it was ridiculously cheap. (Exchange rate + Sale!). Its a great pack, I have used it heaps over the last 13 months. (not 12 like I say in the video!). I hope that that was entertaining, engaging and helpful. I do want to cover the pack in … Continue reading

Gear update: MSR Whisperlite universal

Woo hoo! So this is exciting news in the world of light weight hiking! MSR has announced the next iteration of the whisperlite, which is scheduled for release in early 2012, and they have really out-done themselves this time! The new MSR will be capable of burning Gas in addition to the liquid fuels that they have previously burned by cleverly adding a different burner (Same as the way the current one works between different liquid fuels). Due to the … Continue reading

Gear Review: Trangia

I have been carrying a Trangia whenever I go walking since I was in my early Teens, they are the workhorse of camp cooking for nearly all the hikers and campers I know carry one. In Scouts, we tried a few clones, as the price can be a big ask for some of the families when they don’t regularly go hiking or camping. We found that the clones just don’t seem to come up anywhere near close. When it comes … Continue reading

Gear Review: MSR Simmerlite

Camping stoves are something of a personal choice, and to an extent; rely on what kind of food you tend to eat while hiking. When Liz and I hike, we carry two different stoves; I typically carry an MSR Simmerlite and she will carry a Trangia; there are multiple reasons we carry one each, and why we carry different style stoves. The most fundamental reason is that Trangia excell at slow cooking and low simmers, whereas contrary to the SimmerLites … Continue reading

Gear Review: Macpac Olympus

The first Gear review! I thought I would start with some big ticket items, I dont tend to research the cheaper items, but when it comes to a tent or a fuel stove, I do my homework. As a result, along with roughly 12 months testing, I bring you the Macpac Olympus Tent review. My rating system for tents is going to be pretty straight forward. I am going to rate each tent and give it an overall score, based … Continue reading