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Boots, Socks and Seasons: A sponsored post by Hi-Tec Sports

Hi All, Ben here. Below is a guide on thinking about the Socks you might be looking to chose depending on seasons, Its by Hi-Tec Sports, I’m sure for most of you they need no introduction, but for those who don’t recognise they’re a forerunner in the Hiking Boots industry. So thanks to Mike over at Hi-Tec, we’ve got an instructional and some considerations on what boots and socks you might want to consider looking at. ——- A Guide When … Continue reading

Bushfire watch resources for the Long weekend

Hi there readers! Just a quick update coming into the long weekend. Recent bushfires around Victoria have stymied my plans to go to the Alpine region and climb Mt Feathertop this Australia day long weekend, but it did bring to the forefront of my mind that there are resources out there people should be using during the summer months. Most of the states now have a Mobile APP that you can download, I’m not going to provide links because they’re … Continue reading

Cross Packing

You will oft read me say that “such and such” is an important skill, but Cross Packing is one that stands out as being incredibly important every time you Hike. Whether you are hiking for a day, or going on a multi-day hiking trip, if you have two or more people you should actively cross pack. What is Cross packing? The concept is one that you will no doubt be familiar with if you have done some hiking in the … Continue reading

5 tips for Winter Campers

I had a question the other day from one of my readers regarding winter camping and what I could suggest to make the trip more comfortable, I have been working on a more detailed post, but have been quite busy. So today’s post is just a quick post to quickly cover a few critical mistakes made my newbie winter campers. I remember my first winter camping trip out at Ballarat, I had a brand spanking new 0 degrees rated Roman … Continue reading

Hiking recipe: Penne Matriciana

So I am not exactly sure that I can get away with calling this a matriciana (which is usually done with bacon) but its a lot shorter than Penne in a Tomato based sauce with Salami, Olives, Shallots, garlic, chilli and oregano. The recipe I will be doing here is for two hungry or three hikers. Fundamental to the design of this recipe is that everything in it can be without refrigeration for a few days. Meaning that it make … Continue reading

Leave No trace

I uploaded this is as a page last night, but I have realised that in order to make sure that you’re all aware of it, I am making it into a post as well, that way if you’re not looking at the “pages” you can still stumble upon it. Here is the permanent page link: While many people are familiar with the concept of the Leave no trace principles, in the interest of perpetuating those beliefs , I would … Continue reading

Reading a Topographical Map

At the behest of a friend of mine, Alison;  whom desperately wishes to learn how to read a map, and use a compass, I will begin a few posts regarding Navigation. I want to focus first on reading a topographic map; mostly because you can navigate a lot easier with just a map, than you can with just a compass. (GPS is just plain cheating!) Map Features The first order of business is to be able to identify the features … Continue reading

Packing List

Click here for the more updated list Welcome to Hike Australia’s original purpose, it all stems from an Overnight Hiking Packing List. When I first concieved Hike Australia, it was because I was packing to go on an overnight hike. I had a long day at work; I wanted a list to work off so that i didnt forget anything. There are plenty online, but many of them didn’t cover things that I would have felt manadtory, like First Aid … Continue reading

Planning an Overnight Hike

Planning an overnight hike can be very stessing, especially if you’ve never done the like before, There are a variety of new things to think about when compared with Day hiking or bushwalking. But, going on an overnight hike can be an outstandingly different experience to a normal base camp. It is liberating for several reasons; in particular, it allows you to camp in places that drive-ins / base campers can’t; its generally more immersive as you dont have cars … Continue reading

First Aid Kits

A very important thing to bring with you on every hike, walk, backpacking expedition regardless of distance or duration is a First Aid Kit. First Aid kits are a mandatory, these little beauties are not just for show, they aren’t even just there to save your life. They might do that from time to time, but more often than not, they just make an injury that could be really uncomfortable to something that is bearable or not even noticeable. I … Continue reading