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First Aid Kits

A very important thing to bring with you on every hike, walk, backpacking expedition regardless of distance or duration is a First Aid Kit. First Aid kits are a mandatory, these little beauties are not just for show, they aren’t even just there to save your life. They might do that from time to time, but more often than not, they just make an injury that could be really uncomfortable to something that is bearable or not even noticeable. I … Continue reading

Hiking Basics, What to carry for a Day Hike

Thus begins my blog, for the second time round. The following post covers what to carry for a day hike to be completely prepared. The list covers mandatory and suggested extras, I am a very “prepared” person, you will see this when you read a bit more below. So you have begun thinking about camping and hiking, you’ve gotten excited you have found a place to go, you have started packing and suddenly you realise, I have no idea what … Continue reading