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5 tips for Winter Campers

I had a question the other day from one of my readers regarding winter camping and what I could suggest to make the trip more comfortable, I have been working on a more detailed post, but have been quite busy. So today’s post is just a quick post to quickly cover a few critical mistakes made my newbie winter campers. I remember my first winter camping trip out at Ballarat, I had a brand spanking new 0 degrees rated Roman … Continue reading

Hiking recipe: Penne Matriciana

So I am not exactly sure that I can get away with calling this a matriciana (which is usually done with bacon) but its a lot shorter than Penne in a Tomato based sauce with Salami, Olives, Shallots, garlic, chilli and oregano. The recipe I will be doing here is for two hungry or three hikers. Fundamental to the design of this recipe is that everything in it can be without refrigeration for a few days. Meaning that it make … Continue reading

Packing List

Click here for the more updated list Welcome to Hike Australia’s original purpose, it all stems from an Overnight Hiking Packing List. When I first concieved Hike Australia, it was because I was packing to go on an overnight hike. I had a long day at work; I wanted a list to work off so that i didnt forget anything. There are plenty online, but many of them didn’t cover things that I would have felt manadtory, like First Aid … Continue reading

Planning an Overnight Hike

Planning an overnight hike can be very stessing, especially if you’ve never done the like before, There are a variety of new things to think about when compared with Day hiking or bushwalking. But, going on an overnight hike can be an outstandingly different experience to a normal base camp. It is liberating for several reasons; in particular, it allows you to camp in places that drive-ins / base campers can’t; its generally more immersive as you dont have cars … Continue reading