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Luxury Dessert: Big Sister Plum Pudding

This is not a big post, just a quick one to give you a heads up on a super tasty dessert for hiking. This isn’t really a recipe as all you have to do is boil the pudding in a can, but knowing its out there is pretty important! There is a photo of the can here so you can find it in the supermarket. Add some UHT Liddles lite cream and you have yourself one heck of a tasty … Continue reading

Hiking Recipe: Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne is a great recipe that can easily be cooked for two or more people in a trangia with very little effort. Its great for a longer hike because with Dehydrated mince and a few veggies, you can easily have a meaty dish much later in your hike. This is actually Liz’s and My own hiking con carne recipe, based on the one we would normally cook if we are at home. Required equipment: Trangia/ MSR Simmerlite / Hiking stove / … Continue reading

Hiking Recipe: Tuna Cous-cous wraps

Cous-Cous wraps with tuna, This is a great hiking lunch if you’re after very quick and very easy meal. Required equipment: Trangia/ MSR Simmerlite / Hiking stove / Fire Pot The Required ingredients are: Mountain bread / flat bread Sachet of Tuna Cous cous (I usually use Ainsleys because its pre-spcied) The Recipe: Quite straight forward, Boil the water, usually approx 250ml is best, you dont need a whole lot of water to cook cous cous. Once the  water is … Continue reading

Hiking Recipe: Chicken Tikka Masala

Note from Ben: Hi Guys, I’d like to introduce you to my partner-in-life Liz. She is responsible for quite a few photos on the website, and helps me out with the odd bit of image editing for the site as well.  Hopefully in the coming months we will see more articles from her; Today she has put together a Hiking Recipe that we tried out while we were away at Wyperfeld NP. A very tasty dish easily cooked using only … Continue reading

Hiking recipe: Penne Matriciana

So I am not exactly sure that I can get away with calling this a matriciana (which is usually done with bacon) but its a lot shorter than Penne in a Tomato based sauce with Salami, Olives, Shallots, garlic, chilli and oregano. The recipe I will be doing here is for two hungry or three hikers. Fundamental to the design of this recipe is that everything in it can be without refrigeration for a few days. Meaning that it make … Continue reading