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Beach Hiking: East Coast NSW

Hi All, This is the new trend it seems; I leave for a six months or so; come back because a good natured soul has decided they’d like to talk about their hiking experiences. I have to say, its pretty much what I wanted when I started out, even if its a lot less frequent than I intended. Alex has written up a piece on some of her local hikes up in the NSW/Syd area; so those of you from … Continue reading

First of all, I have no commercial relationship with, so this is an honest -to-goodness endorsement! I have recently been reading some great tips and tricks on a forum called I like to think that I can provide a lot of helpful information for hikers, with relatively little fuss, but I must say that the Guys over at have hundreds of years of experience between them hiking all over Australia and the world. I would like to recommend … Continue reading