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Hike Report: Lerderderg day 3

Continued from Lerderderg Day 1 & 2 Day 3; The Sunday return Sunday morning, thanks to daylight savings, and a very early bed-time, we were were up relatively early. The plan was simple; return via the Cowan track. You can see below; the track we walked on day 2 & 3, if you follow the river line, the second southern-most flag is where we camped for the first night. The cowan track is pretty tame on the return, there is … Continue reading

Hike Report: Lerderderg Day 1&2

My friend Michael and I haven’t been camping together in more than a year, so to kick-start his hiking habit again, we decided to check out Northern Lerderderg Gorge, and do an overnight hike in the park. Its been about 4 or 5 years since I have been there, and at least 2 since he had; so this seemed like a great near-by location to head to. Lerderderg State park: First, the fast and relevant facts: Lerderderg Gorge is situated … Continue reading