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Beach Hiking: East Coast NSW

Hi All, This is the new trend it seems; I leave for a six months or so; come back because a good natured soul has decided they’d like to talk about their hiking experiences. I have to say, its pretty much what I wanted when I started out, even if its a lot less frequent than I intended. Alex has written up a piece on some of her local hikes up in the NSW/Syd area; so those of you from … Continue reading

Langi Ghiran & Mount Gorrin Overnight walk – A Guest post by Sam

A note from Ben: Thanks for your patience everybody, We’re back again with another Guest post, Sam is a young adventurer that showed great interest in my site, and has been very patient with me and my sporadic upload schedule. Thanks for your continued patience readers and Sam alike! So in the usual form, here is a short introduction followed by the post! ————————————————————————— My name is Sam, and I love the outdoors, I love bushwalking and I love adventure! I … Continue reading

Croajingolong National Park: Shipwreck Creek to Thurra River Hike – Day 1 – Benedore River

I am so happy to be typing this out. I have completed the Shipwreck creek to Thurra River component of the East Coast Wilderness walk across the Sandpatch Wilderness Area. The component that Liz and I completed over three days from the 4th to the 6th of January is roughly a 50KM stretch. The day 1 component is quite short, as we started at Shipwreck as opposed to Mallacoota as we had to drive there from our start point at … Continue reading

Hiking recipe: Penne Matriciana

So I am not exactly sure that I can get away with calling this a matriciana (which is usually done with bacon) but its a lot shorter than Penne in a Tomato based sauce with Salami, Olives, Shallots, garlic, chilli and oregano. The recipe I will be doing here is for two hungry or three hikers. Fundamental to the design of this recipe is that everything in it can be without refrigeration for a few days. Meaning that it make … Continue reading

Planning an Overnight Hike

Planning an overnight hike can be very stessing, especially if you’ve never done the like before, There are a variety of new things to think about when compared with Day hiking or bushwalking. But, going on an overnight hike can be an outstandingly different experience to a normal base camp. It is liberating for several reasons; in particular, it allows you to camp in places that drive-ins / base campers can’t; its generally more immersive as you dont have cars … Continue reading

First Aid Kits

A very important thing to bring with you on every hike, walk, backpacking expedition regardless of distance or duration is a First Aid Kit. First Aid kits are a mandatory, these little beauties are not just for show, they aren’t even just there to save your life. They might do that from time to time, but more often than not, they just make an injury that could be really uncomfortable to something that is bearable or not even noticeable. I … Continue reading

Google Earth Map; North Jawbone Walk

You can find below, a copy in KML file of the North jawbone walk, you should be able to download it and import into google earth. However in addition to this I have tried to put together an online viewer, which will let you get a rough idea without having to download anything. For my write up on the hike itself,  see here

Cathedral Ranges, North Jawbone Peak

North Jawbone peak in the Cathedral ranges is a very pretty hike.  The walk from Jawbone carpark to the North peak is relatively short, but rewarding in terms of the view (see pictures below).  I actually have a copious amount of photos of Jawbone, Sugarloaf and cathedral peaks, but I  dont have them on this computer so I will have to create a gallery later. The Cathedral ranges can be found about an Hour and a Half out of Melbourne, … Continue reading