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Boots, Socks and Seasons: A sponsored post by Hi-Tec Sports

Hi All, Ben here. Below is a guide on thinking about the Socks you might be looking to chose depending on seasons, Its by Hi-Tec Sports, I’m sure for most of you they need no introduction, but for those who don’t recognise they’re a forerunner in the Hiking Boots industry. So thanks to Mike over at Hi-Tec, we’ve got an instructional and some considerations on what boots and socks you might want to consider looking at. ——- A Guide When … Continue reading

Cross Packing

You will oft read me say that “such and such” is an important skill, but Cross Packing is one that stands out as being incredibly important every time you Hike. Whether you are hiking for a day, or going on a multi-day hiking trip, if you have two or more people you should actively cross pack. What is Cross packing? The concept is one that you will no doubt be familiar with if you have done some hiking in the … Continue reading

5 tips for Winter Campers

I had a question the other day from one of my readers regarding winter camping and what I could suggest to make the trip more comfortable, I have been working on a more detailed post, but have been quite busy. So today’s post is just a quick post to quickly cover a few critical mistakes made my newbie winter campers. I remember my first winter camping trip out at Ballarat, I had a brand spanking new 0 degrees rated Roman … Continue reading

Cheap and easy Waterproofing

With what I can only describe as one of the most wet and cold summers nearly over, I cant hardly say that I am holding out great hope for the coming Autumn or indeed Winter itself. With this in mind, I have been considering a some cheap and easy ways to increase your waterproofing for a range of different items. 1) Waterproofing using spray on waterproofing can revive materials like Gortex back to a point that the water beads on … Continue reading