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Bembooka Ski Lodge

So this is tenuous at best, but its been a while since I published an Article and its pretty important for me to continuously update the website. I went Boarding at Mt Hotham last week and while I didn’t have the most exemplary experience, which was to do with a mix of Snow quality and Weather, (read: Whiteout on Sunday) I did enjoy the companionship of some new friends, a couple of good bottles of Red and a nice Lodge. This isn’t a … Continue reading

Mt Feathertop; Next time gadget…

So, I was waiting until I had successfully completed the walk before posting about it here, however this was not to be. In April, over the victorian long weekend, I attempted the Harrietville ascent to Mt Feathertop.  Unfortunately; during this walk, we encountered roughly 135mm of rain in a single day and lord only knows the wind speed. After walking for what felt like an age, I found out that I and my partner had made it a hefty 2km, … Continue reading