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Wilsons Prom: Day 3 with Adrian Brewer

Note from Ben: This is day 3 of a hiking trip guest post by Adrian Brewer, for Day 1; start here.  Day 3: I woke up at around 0630 to a brisk, overcast morning.  The night was peaceful and very quiet, just the sounds of the waves breaking the shore over the hill.   It was a very nice way to leave this world into the land of Nod. It was cloudy but it had the feeling that it was going to be … Continue reading

Wilsons Prom: Day 2 with Adrian Brewer

A note from Ben: Hi Guys, this is day 2 of Adrian’s trip to Wilsons Prom, Click Here for day 1; or enjoy day 2! It was a very quiet night, absolutely no noise, no wind, dead quiet.  I had heard horror stories from other bushwalkers of hungry possums and critters literally getting inside tents during the night in search of food items, so I slept with the torch and machete close at hand.  Maybe it was my snoring that … Continue reading

Wilsons Promontory National Park: A Guest post series by Adrian Brewer

A Note from Ben: Hi all, Wecome back to Hike Australia, I guess I’m kind of like that light on the distance, never around full time but always there when you look hard enough. For the next little while, I have another Author to thank for some of the posts you’ll be seeing. Adrian found Hike Australia a few months ago, and we have had a few chats about getting a few of his stories on here, yesterday he was … Continue reading