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Wyperfeld NP: Snowdrift Campground

Not accessible except via 4wd tracks or Walk-in, you will need to be a little more prepared for this than with Casuarina or have a 4wd at your disposal. There are limited campsites here (4 quite large ones) and a few day visitor car parks. The Snowdrift Campground is nestled at the base of the largest and whitest Sand dune in Wyperfeld National Park. I will testify to the fact that I didn’t see anything bigger while I was there. … Continue reading

Wyperfeld NP: Casuarina Campground

Well now; I had a busy Easter, Over the next week or so I am going to do my best to cover what I did, cooked, saw, carried and learnt about Wyperfeld National Park and later Murray Sunset National park. Much to my glee, when we arrived at Casuarina Campground we were able to find an available campsite, this was an unexpected boon, after all, it was Easter. For the first in this series of posts I am going to … Continue reading