Cathedral Ranges, North Jawbone Peak

North Jawbone peak in the Cathedral ranges is a very pretty hike.  The walk from Jawbone carpark to the North peak is relatively short, but rewarding in terms of the view (see pictures below).  I actually have a copious amount of photos of Jawbone, Sugarloaf and cathedral peaks, but I  dont have them on this computer so I will have to create a gallery later.

The Cathedral ranges can be found about an Hour and a Half out of Melbourne, to the North east along the Maroondah Highway. You can find the turn off not too far after Buxton. There are a few marked camping sites, including Ned’s Gully, Cook’s Mill and Sugar Loaf. If you are interested in doing an overnight hike, there is also a site called Farmyard up on the Jawbone saddle, which is where we headed.

In terms of gradient, the ascent from Jawbone car park up to the Saddle is pretty intense; we have been training for Cup Weekend when we are going to be doing a Multi-day hike in the Victorian Alpine region, so we were carrying pretty heavy packs. There were several groups that appeared to do it in similar time to us without packs. I have no doubt that you could do the round trip in a day walk over a 3 hour period including roughly 1 hour of resting.

HillsideLooking up the track to Jawbone Car-Park from Cooks Mill track

North Jawbone PeakNorth Jawbone Peak, Looking toward Sugar Loaf

I would rate this as about a medium in terms of difficulty, only because while the return distance is quite short, (approximately 3.3Km) the steepness of the slope can take a lot out of you if you’re unfit or un-prepared.

North Jawbone Peak from Jawbone CarparkNorth Jawbone Peak from Jawbone Car park
It would be worth noting, the following; I have put a post up with the walk in a Google-Earth map; North Jawbone Peak

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