Dandenong Ranges; Olinda Falls

Olinda Falls

For posterity, and those who dont live in victoria; it was 40 degrees yesterday down here in Melbourne. I very nearly skipped going outside all-together. However; I bought a new camera on saturday and desperately wanted to play around. Olinda Falls in the Dandenong ranges was the perfect place to go.

Olinda falls is a very short walk, a whooping 350M to the viewing platform and 500M to the base of the falls and perfect for a hot day. The walk itself takes maybe 10mins and is shaded from the carpark all the way down to the falls. There are picnic tables, running water and plenty of shade to sit in.

Olinda falls is in the Olinda reserve, which can be accessed via Falls road which in turn is straight off the Mt Dandenong Tourist road. There are several other walks around the reserve, including a walk call Eagles nest walk and a valley circuit, which are both harder and longer walks. I will check those out later in the year.

As previously mentioned, my reason for going to the falls was to play with my camera, so I have attached a few choice photos below. After that, keep scrolling down for a Google map with the location of the Olinda picnic ground, because I couldnt find any info on it online anywhere!

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