Wyperfeld NP: Casuarina Campground

Well now; I had a busy Easter, Over the next week or so I am going to do my best to cover what I did, cooked, saw, carried and learnt about Wyperfeld National Park and later Murray Sunset National park. Much to my glee, when we arrived at Casuarina Campground we were able to find an available campsite, this was an unexpected boon, after all, it was Easter.

For the first in this series of posts I am going to focus on Casuarina campground, its quite different from what you will normally find in most campsites across Victoria; Where you would normally see dense bush and wooded areas, you see open grounds with well spaced trees that allow you to see for hundreds of meters. This change in scenery is exciting especially for somebody who has spent a lot of time in the denser bushland that is most of Victoria. To be honest, I didn’t even realise that this kind of environment existed in Victoria. Wyperfeld would teach me a few more things about my home state before I left.

Casurina Campground

Casuarina Campground in the early morning

There are several sites (8 -12 sites I think, though I didn’t count) and presumably due to Wyperfeld NP’s great size, the sites are well spaced with a fireplace in each site and plenty of room for multiple tents. While I don’t personally like caravan camping that much myself, many find it a much more accessible way to venture into the bush. The roads were clear and several of the sites had various setups of camper-vans and 4WD annexes set up. If you’re into this kind of camping this is a great and spacious site for you.

There are toilet facilities and a water tank at the campground its no crown casino, but some people like it better than digging a hole! The water is untreated so if you plan to use it for drinking purposes make sure that you know how to treat it. (I feel a follow-up article coming on) Firewood collection is prohibited except from roadsides and Chainsaws are a no-no so make sure that if you do decide to go firewood free, that you’re obeying the rules. That being said, there was plenty of wood fallen by the roadside, so I don’t think that you will be in the lurch too badly if you risk it.

Casurina Camground, Looking east

I have to assume that it would be less full of people on a normal weekend, but even on a busy Easter I wasn’t sharing elbow room with my neighbors. Casuarina Campground seems like it is geared more toward those that have 4WD and plan to spend a fair amount of time on the tracks, the northern part of Wyperfeld seems to be heavily geared toward four-wheel drivers and the tracks look like they would be a lot of fun. There are plenty of sand dunes, and sandy tracks to enjoy. You can even get to Snowdrift, the smaller secondary campsite for Northern Wyperfeld via 4WD tracks.

Snowdrift is also accessible via foot from Casuarina, though it will probably take you a few hours. We took a leisurely walk there on one of the days and I will say that the site itself looks quite interesting and there looks to be quite a bit of fun to be had. While we were there a throng of children were doing laps up the large sand-dune with boogie-boards and toboggans and riding the sand to the base, but more on snowdrift later.

In terms of a site for 4wd and base camping, I think that Casuarina Campground has a lot to offer, with large open sites, water access and toilet facilities, its a great spot to check out for a day or two at the very least.

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