Dandenong Ranges: Sherbrooke Falls and Picnic ground

Situated in the Dandenong ranges, roughly 45 mins out of the City, the Sherbrooke forest area is a Lush green rainforest that differs greatly in terms of feel and environment even to the other side of the Dandenongs near the Thousand Steps.

Getting here is quite easy, its well signposted, Click here, replace “melbourne” with your address for directions.

The Sherbrooke Falls walk, and the Picnic ground itself are well established, which means that its very much an approachable short bushwalk for the most green of beginners. I recently went for a short bushwalk there, just after it had rained. The resulting lush and misty feel was a great change from a lot of the drier desert type walks that I have done recently. The walk to Sherbrooke falls is a very flat 1.2km stroll each way, so while it is very much a beginner walk in terms of gradient and length, The scenery was the real treat for this one.

Brightly Coloured BirdSeveral Brightly coloured Birds






The birds almost certainly get fed, regardless of what the signs and policy says, I would suspect this is a unfortunate side-effect of having a well established picnic ground near dense forest. The birds seemed almost domesticated in terms of how comfortable they were around humans, its sad in a way, because it means that we have created a group of wild animals that can’t survive without us. It is Parks Victoria’s policy that no animals should be fed in a national park, and this is part of of the reason why; another is that when they aren’t fed, they can get hungry then eventually violent or aggressive when there is food around that they feel entitled to.

Misty Forest in Sherbrooke

Towering trees in the Sherbrooke Forest, with an eerie mist settling in

I really enjoyed the walk, thats something that I cannot stress enough. Maybe it was that I haven’t done much hiking recently, but the forest just felt so dense and lush that I really felt that I was much further away from Melbourne than a meagre 45 minute drive. The water ways were running quite quickly due to the rain and even though the falls themselves aren’t really that much to behold, the place is so easy to traipse through that you will feel like time slows down.

Sherbrooke Falls

Sherbrooke Falls

Misty Forest and Bridge in Sherbrooke

The return walk we took went via this bridge


Finally, I would also like to say that I think the picnic ground would make a great summer spot for a BBQ. There are several well separated tables with electric hotplates. The cool shade coupled with a nice bit of sunshine would make this whole area prime spot.

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground

Sherbrooke Picnic Ground area


2 Responses to Dandenong Ranges: Sherbrooke Falls and Picnic ground

  1. Your advice re Ned’s Gully was fantastic. First time campers, we had a great time. Everything you said was spot on. Could you advise of some more campgrounds like Ned’s Gully, ie. no cars, great for kids, etc.
    Many thanks for your website.

    • Hi Blue Sky,

      Ill do my best, I hope to have up a new campsite every month or so; depending on how often Liz and I can get away.

      In the mean time, you might be interested to try Sheepyard Flats in the alpine national park, or if you’re after something a bit more coastal, you could try blanket bay down at the otways. Both sites have good open areas for kids with Sheepyard having a river and the Blanket bay having the beach. If you have any questions about any site, let me know; While I only write about sites I’ve been to recently, I’m happy to give basic advice on any sites I’ve been to over the years, which encompasses most national parks in Victoria.


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