Marine Park: Ricketts Point

Hike Australia has been starting to grow, with more and more regular hits every day, I too am starting to spend more time on the website. With this in mind, I have had a serious think about the direction that Hike Australia is taking. I do more than just Hike, I do a lot of outdoor adventuring, including Caving, Snorkeling, SCUBA diving, Abseiling, Rockclimbing… You get the picture. I have decided that in order to give this site a larger scope, I am going to start posting about my other activities. So without further Ado; Ricketts point Marine park!

I went scuba diving up at Terrigal NSW just before the end of last year (2010), and it re-kindled a desire to do some snorkeling down here in Vic, I had hoped to go more often than the one time I managed this summer, but I think that Ricketts Point marine sanctuary was the perfect place to go the one time I managed to get out.

Ricketts Point Beach view

While it was quite a sunny day, the visibility under the water was not the best. I recommend going off near the point that has a frame piece on it. It is on the point in the picture above.

The water there is actually quite teeming with life, there is a channel if you swim a bit further off shore toward one of the buoys there, on the way there is a considerable amount of seaweed, so if you arent particularly keen on low visibility or have a fear of the creepy crawlies that might be living in it, I suggest you pick your route very carefully. There are plenty of fish to see, and being a marine sanctuary you can rest assured there will always be life there. You can regularly see Leather-jackets, Stingray, Urchins, toadies, Jellyfish  and not the time depicted above, but one before we saw a Groper out in the channel. We have also spotted some form of angel fish, though I dont know what type.

Stingray at Ricketts Point

A stingray lies hidden by underwater foilage

As Aforementioned, unfortunately the water visibility left a little to be desired, as a result some of the nicer, more potentially interesting photos didn’t turn out.

Sea Urchin at Ricketts point

Several Urchin nestled in a rock crevass

School of fish at Ricketts point

A School of fish at Ricketts point

Ricketts point has a bistro of sorts near by, but I would recommend packing your own lunch, its not particularly exciting food and the fish and chips arent very exciting. I believe that I have only begun to scratch the surface of this beautiful underwater park and that there is probably much more to find. I hope that some time during Autumn there are a couple of days nice enough to stick my head under again.

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  1. Yes a great spot to go snorkelling. Best time to go is on a stinking hot day as the wind is usually directly offshore. Best spot I have found is directly off Rennison Street. Head from end of street slightly towards Mentone and down first ramp. Best time is a mid to high tide. Off to south are a number of “canyons” you can swim up and explore. Every time I take the kids down we always find something amazing whether it be a massive sting ray, banjo shark, crabs, snapper, angel fish, sponges, etc, etc. Great place for teaching kids to snorkel as you can readily stop and rest on any high points as you go along. If you go out to sea there is a wall you can swim along with lots of rays in the deeper water. Only downside is the Pacific sea star seemed to be getting a bit of a hold on one of the occasions we were down there last year.

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