Wyperfeld NP: Snowdrift Campground

Not accessible except via 4wd tracks or Walk-in, you will need to be a little more prepared for this than with Casuarina or have a 4wd at your disposal. There are limited campsites here (4 quite large ones) and a few day visitor car parks. The Snowdrift Campground is nestled at the base of the largest and whitest Sand dune in Wyperfeld National Park. I will testify to the fact that I didn’t see anything bigger while I was there.

The Snowdrift dune

Snowdrift provides basic facilities just like Casuarina, with untreated water and drop-dunnies at your disposal. The dune itself is quite impressive and while we were there quite a few people were using it do toboggan or sled down. I personally don’t recommend this, and it will cause the dune to slowly decay over years, but if you’re into sand skiing or the like, It certainly isn’t prohibited as the park rangers were there while we were and didn’t seem at all worried by the escapades of excited children.

Ben at Snowdrift

Me at snowdrift, the scenery behind me is nearly due west

There isn’t a great deal to be said about Snowdrift Campground, it seems like a nice enough site, situated at the end of Snowdrift track and gives you a site at the base of a long range of dunes. Which you could easily walk for hours or even longer. Apart from this, the dune itself  gives you some pretty great views of the park, and you can see a long way with incredibly little effort. Its a great spot for seeing two types of nature meet, as you can see below.

Snowdrift Dunes photo


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  1. You dont recommend people play on the sand dune??

    What are you, the anti-fun police?? Sheesh.

    • Aww C’mon Bob! I cant really preach about conservation and Leave No Trace, then tell them I think erosion is great!

      That being said, it wont make a big difference, and it did look like a fair bit of fun.

  2. Are you sure snowdrift day visitor area can be used as a campground ? No where on the Visitor Guide from Parks Victoria does it say it’s a camping ground. Maybe bushcamping is allowed ? But according to the website, there are only 3 campgrounds in the park : Wonga, Casuarina, and a remote camp for overnight walkers.

    • When I was there, there were a large amount of cars and campers set up (There were 4 quite large sites from memory) and the rangers appeared to be completely happy with it. It may have changed as Parks Vic doesn’t have it listed as a campground any longer. If you’re un-sure it is best to contact Parks Victoria.

  3. Thanks. By the way, I’ve just spend the week-end in Little Desert national park (I made a report here : http://bushwalk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=11280 ), and I think you’d love doing the Desert Discovery Walk. You should start at the Desert Nature Lodge ( http://littledesertlodge.com.au/ ), they can organize pickups and dropoffs, so you can do 2, 3 or 4 days (the whole walk is about 80 km). I’ve just seen a short section, and it looked great. Clearly signed with yellow poles (otherwise you get lost pretty quickly) but very remote. I couldn’t find the detailed walk leaflet anywhere, but the itinerary looks like this : http://www.flickr.com/photos/borderbushwalkingclub/5284949373/

    • Hi Hallu

      That looks great! I dont suppose you would be willing to submit it as an article here on Hike Australia? Ive got the walk on my list of “to do” but I didnt get my bum into gear early enough this year to get organised for it. I think that it looks like a good one for March next year…


  4. I didn’t do enough walking to write an interesting report, I had some new shoes that turned out to be too small and had some blisters all over, but next time I do something of the sort, I’d be happy to submit an article. I’m going to North-West Tasmania in November for example.

    For the Desert Walk yeah I wouldn’t do it in summer, it’s already quite hot over there (although freezing at night), with a lot of flies (I even swallowed one).

  5. Haha, I have swallowed my fair share of flies while walking, adds to the flavour.

    It would definitely be too hot for my preference in November – Feb to be doing 15 – 20km days, and water would be a major issue I suspect without knowing the area intimately which I certainly do not.

    That sounds great, I look forward to it :)

  6. Walked up it. It was REALLY hot but so worth it:)

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