Wombat State forest: Carrolls Spring

I would like to welcome a new member to the Hike Australia team; Lilly. Lilly, Liz and I went on our first hike over the labour day long weekend. This was her first hike ever, and she not only coped very well, I think she enjoyed the walk thoroughly. I will be writing the article as Lilly is our new Border Collie, and at 14 weeks, she hasn’t quite yet got a handle on the keyboard. I kid!

Taking Lilly for a walk at Wombat State forest

Taking Lilly for a walk at Wombat State forest

With Lilly’s young age and puppy behaviour, we didn’t really want to go on a very long hike, but we both felt it was important to get her out in the bush, experiencing and being trained in an environment that she isn’t used to so that as she grows, she will be capable of dealing with more camping and hiking, which is an integral part of our life. ┬áThis decision led me to do some more investigation into dog friendly camping areas, which are typically locations that I haven’t spent much time around in the past. That leads me to Carrolls Spring in the Wombat State forest.

Campsite Info
Campsite Info
Number Of SitesNo designated areas
People Per siteunrestricted
Getting there:Map directions
Campground FeesNo
Running WaterCarroll's Spring + River : Treatment HIGHLY recommended.
Fires AllowedYes, Firewood collation also allowed in designated areas
Nearest TownDaylesford
Parkweb/DSE LinkDSE Midlands info
Nearby Walks / Activites4WD / Hunting

Carrolls spring isn’t anywhere as near as beautiful as many of the campsites I have stayed in over the years, although I’ve stayed at worse! I think that when you’re staying at Wombat, you’re there for a purpose other than just camping.┬áThe site is spread around a large open field that has several 4WD tracks running through it and I think that this is where Wombat State forest would shine. The park appears to be covered in 4wd tracks that criss cross the map, there are huge muddy areas, river crossings and roads leading all over the place. I have absolutely no doubt that if you’re into 4wd this would be a fantastic location for a trip, as Wombat is only about an hour and twenty minutes out of Melbourne.

Wombat state forest tracks

Lilly laps up some water at Carrolls track

Lilly laps up some water at the river near Carrolls track

The site is a DSE managed location, so you can enjoy no park fees, limited access to firewood and the ability to camp pretty much anywhere within reason. There is water down hill from the site, presumably it is Carroll’s Spring, but good luck if you decide to drink it. I had a look, it is a treatment only kind of pond, it would highly recommend bringing your own water. The Spring itself is actually looks like it would be very slow to replenish, so you might find that if you do decide to use the water, you might have to wait at intervals to re-fill.

A small walking track near Carrolls spring

The nearest towns to the site is Daylesford, so if you’re rained out and a lot further from home than I am when camping there, you’re in Spa country and could easily enjoy a retreat from the rain at one of the many places in the area. There is also a track that runs along the river, but because we had Lilly we only walked a very small 4km return section.

Any questions about the location, let me know.

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