You Yangs: Saddleback track to West walk return

I’m back. Hike Australia has been on a bit of a hiatus because Liz and I have been dedicating our weekends to some other projects. With that finally out of the way after a grueling 10 month process that consumed nearly every Saturday for a year; we’re finally at the point where we can start to get out on the weekends again. So; celebrating our first weekend free was easy. Saturday the 7th of July turned out to be a great day, the sun was shining and with the You yangs being only a short drive away at the moment, we thought we’d go and do the East-west walk.

Hike Details
Hike Details
Getting There:Change Melbourne to your location
Length & Time:4.5KM, approx 1.5 Hours.
DifficultyEasy, relatively level with a few ups and downs. One steep climb
Trip typeCircuit
Start Location:Turntable carpark
GPX DataTo be uploaded
Related Walks:Bushwalking Blog, Flinders Peak
Closest Town:Little River; Close to Corio

Branding Yard trail

Looking down Branding Yard trail

What we ended up doing was a little different, but I think it was probably a slightly better walk in the end. Instead of heading up the east walk track, we decided to head down the hill along the branding yard trail. The trail winds down the hill toward the Bunjil geoglyph, but instead of heading along and around the trail we decided to go the uphill route toward Saddleback track. This trail takes you up to the saddle north of Flinders peak.

Flinders peak

Heading up Saddleback was a bit of a heart pumper, it’ a decent couple of hundred meters up a steep gradient, but it was really just what the doctor ordered for us. After a quick rest at the saddle enjoying some great views to the west, we followed the West track back to turntable. Along the walk the trees did break open for a little bit and some good views of Big Rock appeared. Not exactly the easiest to photograph though.

Big Rock

With the exception of the steep gradient around Saddleback track, the rest of the walk is pretty flat. I would recommend this bushwalk for all level of hikers as there is varying terrain and its easy to make the walk longer if you’re feeling up to it by doing some of the circuits around the turntable.

Still quiet

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