First Aid Kits

A very important thing to bring with you on every hike, walk, backpacking expedition regardless of distance or duration is a First Aid Kit.

First Aid kits are a mandatory, these little beauties are not just for show, they aren’t even just there to save your life. They might do that from time to time, but more often than not, they just make an injury that could be really uncomfortable to something that is bearable or not even noticeable.

I can say that I have even used the Space blanket at one stage, when I climbed Mt Loch in late April (Aussie Autumn) and it dropped to a freezing negative 6 degrees Celsius and snowed. It was at that juncture I thought to myself “wow, that means ive used everything in this kit at least once.”

St John’s basic first aid kit includes:

• Conforming Bandages (aka Compression Bandage)
• Hypo-allergenic Tape
• A Triangular Bandage
• Sterile Gauze x 2
• Gauze Pad x 9 (these are small)
• Non-Adherent Dressings x 2
• Band-aid “Elastoplast band”
• Non-sharp scissors
• Small forceps
• “Space Blanket” emergency blanket
• Safety Pins x 12
• Note-pad & Pencil
• Disposable Towel x3
• Zip-lock Bag
• “Fake Skin” aka Adhesive shapes
• Latex Gloves
• Quick reference first aid guide

Updated 05/03/2012 – • Betadine or similar antiseptic wipe
In addition to these lovely kits, I personally like to add the following:
• Panadol / Analgesic pain killers
• An Anti-inflammatory; like Neurofen
• Anti-Histamines
• Mars Bars (for the energy)

There are two options upon reading this, you can try and assemble these items yourself, or you could just purchase it online from the following URL and get a nice little carry pouch:
St John’s is a non-for profit organisation that uses the proceeds from each commercial sale to fund their free-aid section and should be lauded for their work.

Most of the time, if you’re just after picking one up at the shops, you can get one at Bunnings or a local Chemist.  If you are feeling very exhuberant, you should be able to get most of the components from a supermarket too.

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  1. I would also add some antiseptic swab sachets, such as Betadine.

    • Quite a good observation! I have actually added this to my kit since writing this article. Ill make an update. Thanks for the suggestion Jenny!

  2. Can you give me the weight of the St. John kits?

    • Unfortunately not. I stock a custom first aid kit.

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