Hiking Recipe: Tuna Cous-cous wraps

Cous-Cous wraps with tuna, This is a great hiking lunch if you’re after very quick and very easy meal.

Required equipment:

The Required ingredients are:

  • Mountain bread / flat bread
  • Sachet of Tuna
  • Cous cous (I usually use Ainsleys because its pre-spcied)

The Recipe:

Quite straight forward, Boil the water, usually approx 250ml is best, you dont need a whole lot of water to cook cous cous. Once theĀ  water is boiled simply remove from the flame and add cous cous, stir until the cous cous is submerged.

Let it sit for about 3 mintues, depending on the outside temtrature; slightly shorter if its really cold outside (with a lid / cover on).You will know the water has soaked in and begun cooking the cous cous if you open the lid and dont see any excess moisture.

Once you reach this point, add a sachet or small can of tuna and mix it through. Sit for additional 1 – 2 minutes, this is just long enough for the heat to warm up the tuna.

Serve tuna and cous cous mix on mountain bread and wrap!

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