Summer is here

With summer’s arrival even though its raining, I feel inspired to discuss base camping and some of my favourite spots, and would love if anybody would like to offer some of their own favourite spots up for discussion. I am not talking about your “secrect” spot; we all have those; but rather some places you like to go with friends to “get away”.

We have heard a bit about Jeff’s younger days and his love of the Halls Gap camping ground, You have heard about my camping trips to Cathedral ranges, now I want to talk about the Otways.

The Ottways national park is west out of melbourne, along the great ocean road past Geelong. There are a few different camp sites inside the park including Blanket Bay and Parker Hill.

Personally, I am a big fan of Parker Hill, its secluded location and private campsites are very conducive to feeling relaxed and happy. Parker hills is up on the hill, which is also a lot of fun, you can get an outstanding view from the bluff, but be aware, if you are after a bit of beach time, ther will be about a 300m walk back up a very steep hill every time you head down to the beach. There is no water, so be aware that you will need to bring anything you want to drink or use, but there is toilet facilities (non flushing!) that you will have access to.

ParkerHill Walk Elevation

ParkerHill Walk Elevation

Blanket bay on the other hand is right down near sea level, I have seen a few people try and surf there, but i dont know how well they would have went though! I have see the odd fairy penguin down there, but _Do_not_ go there looking for them as I have no idea how often they will turn up. Blanket bay also has water access that you can use, which is a luxury that I rarely afford myself. It is also worth noting that you wont be able to get into blanket bays sites without considerable prior planning over the summer holiday period. Parks victoria runs a ballot up till october.

Both sites can be walked between, and there are some “Walk-in” sites at blanket bay which are rarely used as most people drive in; but dont count on it! There are also some great walks from both locations including a day return walk up to the Cape Otway lighthouse, which can be completed along the sand or the bluff looking over the water. If you decide to walk along the beach, take heed of the tidal times as the water comes right up to the rocks during high tide.

The following link is for the park itself:

I have put a map of the two places below, I have also included navigation from the great ocean road turnoff, this is because it would appear that google maps doesnt give you directions down cape otway lighthouse road.

The white line is for the road, and from there the two roads split off and head to two different locations

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  1. For some reason, there is an issue with the plugin that I use for the google map KML services. Please disregard the XML issue above, I am working on a fix!

    • Finally Fixed it!!

  2. Hey, Just wondering what the road into the Parker Hill campsite is like. I’ve hiked GOW there, but I would like to drive in with my kids, but I don’t have a 4WD.


    • Hi Will,

      Should be ok, i used to get in there in my ’98 lancer back in the day without any stress. I haven’t been to parker hill in about 2 1/2 years so I can’t speak for the current quality of the road, but the road was always good if dirt and a little rutted. If the site has decayed in quality too much, you could always go to blanket bay, which I heard is sealed nearly the whole way now.

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