Beach Hiking: East Coast NSW

Hi All, This is the new trend it seems; I leave for a six months or so; come back because a good natured soul has decided they’d like to talk about their hiking experiences. I have to say, its pretty much what I wanted when I started out, even if its a lot less frequent than I intended.

Alex has written up a piece on some of her local hikes up in the NSW/Syd area; so those of you from the area might enjoy seeing some familiar sights; and if you’re on your way there for a weekend, she has been so good as to put some links to sites with more detail in-line for you. Also; Make sure you click on the images, the website I designed in 2009 doesn’t do a lot of favours for some of the huge and very cool images we can take these days, Id say something about updating the website with a new format, but lets be real, that will probably not happen till 2020!

Alex will be letting me know once her blog is completed and ill change the details here, but she asked me to post her Instagram for now.


Alex – Life gets pretty boring when all you do is study, so in my spare time I love to hike. My love for hiking started when I was backpacking through South America, and as you can imagine the treks were phenomenal. I was pushed mentally, and physically, but fell in love with the side of me that continued to persevere. I live in Sydney, and study so the only time I have to hike is weekends, which means tracks have to be quick but amazing.

The Best Weekend Hikes Around Sydney

Running head first into the weekend can sometimes cause a crash and burn, though it can also leave you with some of the best memories. If you’re looking for a busy weekend full of forest views, the Blue Mountains is your place, though if you want to relax and keep your days at a chilled out pace look no further than Port Stephens!

The_view_of_the_Tomaree_National_Park_mountain_lookout_directly_from_the_wharf_-_panoramio (2)

Tomaree National Park

Tomaree is my go to place for relaxed weekend adventures. The views are stunning, I’ve spotted numerous whales, and dolphins, and the beaches are magnificent. Take the Summit Walk for the best lookout points. It took me a little over an hour return, and I fell about 8 times (I’m a clutz, but be careful on the walk as it becomes slippery when wet!). This is a great place for a mini trek for first timers.


Royal National Park

I took The Coast Track during the warmer months, which was a blessing and a curse. The warm weather made the views and the evenings splendid, but it made the less covered parts of the trek hellish. Make sure to pack loads of sunscreen and do not forget to wear protective clothing.

This walk offers an abundance of places to fill up water bottles, so don’t lug around your 2 day water supply. The North Era is the one exception to the water rule, as the area offers no clean drinking or cooking water.

There are two campsites from memory, but North Era is by far the best- atop a mountain overlooking a gorgeous beach. Make sure to book in advance, as the campsite only has 12 sites(all unpowered). Enjoy this trek, it offers huge diversity – you can see anything from the iconic Wedding Cake Rock, to the mesmerizing Figure Eight Pools! Royal National Park is also only a little over an hour outside Sydney, so no long drives!

Blue Mountains: Jamison Valley

Blue Mountains: Jamison Valley

Daring to take this 45km trek? I’ve only made this journey once, but it was a worthwhile and amazing trip. Make sure you pack lots of yummy nuts and bars, as you are going to need all the energy you can get!

See anything from stunning cave formations, to sheer cliffs covered in luscious greenery. Head to Cox’s River for the best camping on the trek! Make sure to bring water, as there isn’t any available. Kitting up is also a must, as there isn’t any food, or camping supplies on offer. The site is located around 15kms from the start of the trek so prepare accordingly!

Taking a short drive out of Sydney can definitely land you in some of the most sensational national parks, and on some of the most divine treks. If you aren’t as time poor as me, venture a little further North to parks like Booti Booti, or head South West towards Batlow.

New South Wales has some absolutely phenomenal places to trek and camp if you look out for them!

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