Cheap and easy Waterproofing

With what I can only describe as one of the most wet and cold summers nearly over, I cant hardly say that I am holding out great hope for the coming Autumn or indeed Winter itself. With this in mind, I have been considering a some cheap and easy ways to increase your waterproofing for a range of different items.

1) Waterproofing using spray on waterproofing can revive materials like Gortex back to a point that the water beads on and then runs off your jacket or over-pants. This stuff can be relatively cheap, but also be aware that if you’re buying it from a camping store or similar. TX.Direct spray on is the stuff I have used in the past, and it appears to work pretty well, I can say when I was at Mt Feathertop back in November, I put the waterproofing through its paces, and my jacket was water resistant for a very long time.

2) One can never walk past a bit of classic dubbin, a rub on polish for leather products this stuff waterproofs and softens your leather to boot. If your walking boots, Akubra or various other leather implements appear to be getting heavy from water, or indeed actually leaking, try a bit of Dubbin.

3) Put things you wish to keep dry inside waterproof containers. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Sandwich bags (sometimes double-bagged)
  • “Old-school” 35mm Film canisters (thought these might be harder to come by!)
  • small Lunchbox containers
  • Plastic bottles
  • Garbage bags

4) The Bigger Black garbage bags make great pack-liners.

4b)Paddy Pallin sells thick plastic pack-liners for less than $5 which will probably last longer

5) Garbage bags can be ripped in the centre and work as a passable emergency poncho. (This really shouldn’t be necessary as you should have a proper rain-jacket)

6) Emergency Space blankets , coupled with some duct tape will fix even large rips in your tent or pack.

7) Small rips or leaky seams can be fixed with a dab of nail polish or just the duct tape. (make sure to test it on a different unimportant piece of the same material first)

8 ) Rubbing a waxy candle on leaky seams can help increase water resistance. Candle wax on your shoe-laces can also help avoid picking up burrs and prickly plant seeds.

9) If your tent is leaking, and you’re already inside, running a finger down the fly to the ground will create a stream on the interior of the tent, down to the ground and can help avoid the water getting on you or your gear.

10) You can waterproof your matches by dipping them in Nail polish, just don’t inhale the nasty smoke that accompanies lighting them.

10b) You can waterproof matches with candle wax/paraffin too, but be aware it can be a pain to light them!

11) Garbage bags or any plastic bag can make a good wet clothing bag. Waterproofing doesn’t just keep wet out, it keeps it in too.

12) Garbage bags make great emergency Pack-Covers, if you forgot to bring one along or want to go for that little bit less weight.

This is all I can think of at the moment, there are always more; and any comments or addendum are welcome!

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