Bembooka Ski Lodge

Bembooka Lodge

So this is tenuous at best, but its been a while since I published an Article and its pretty important for me to continuously update the website.

I went Boarding at Mt Hotham last week and while I didn’t have the most exemplary experience, which was to do with a mix of Snow quality and Weather, (read: Whiteout on Sunday) I did enjoy the companionship of some new friends, a couple of good bottles of Red and a nice Lodge.

This isn’t a website about Wine (mostly because im not qualified to talk about it),  and I don’t really like to talk about others on this site without their express permission, so I thought my Accomodation at Bembooka Ski Lodge would be a good place to start.

The lodge itself is pretty new compared with some of the lodges I have stayed in over the years. There is quite ample room for multiple different groups to stay at the lodge at once;  and an absolutely huge kitchen. They in true ski lodge form have two of everything, and have even gone to that little extra effort of providing a rice cooker, wok, sharp knives and some of the other niceties that you oft don’t see in the more budgetable locations on Hotham.

At $85 per head per night, I thought it was very reasonable for the on-peak, and the lodge carries the snow guarantee so you can be sure that if 3 lifts aren’t open, you can get a refund. It doesn’t happen very often, but if you book far in advance, its nice to know you have that tucked away in your bag of tricks.

The lodge itself is one of the furthest from Hotham central, its at Stop 8 and then a short walk from there along the trail toward wire plane.  See this Hotham map. While its a relatively hefty walk, its pretty good in the morning when you want to run in some early tracks, its close to the Davenport access trail’s starting point so you can easily walk to the beginning of the access trail and ride it all the way to the Village chair. If its your first day, you can even buy a ticket at the base of the chair there. Though make sure you carry cash, you could be in for a bit of a pickle if you forget to have funds accessible on a card…

Back on track, Bembooka has plenty of good facilities with a ping pong table, Spa and Sauna its a nice place to stay if you’re heading up to Hotham and don’t want to spend an Arm and a Leg on a chalet

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