Best answer: Is optometry a good career in Australia?

Optometry seems like a good, stable career with a very healthy starting salary (80-100k) but seems to plateau from there onwards and there doesn’t seem to be much room for career growth.

Are Optometrists in demand in Australia?

“Overall, the number of FTE optometrists demanded was projected to grow from 4,234 in 2018 to 7,841 by 2037, which does not include any changes in the scope of practice over the same period,” the report reads.

How much do optometrists earn in Australia?

In Australia an optometrist will usually undergo three years of study, after which they will have to complete residency and often specialise in certain fields. An optometrist earns an average salary of $86,306 a year, with salaries ranging from $61,989 to $115,912.

Are Optometrists in high demand?

Doctors of Optometry are in high demand. … In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, optometry will grow by about 27 percent, or 11,000 new jobs, from 2014 to 2024. This is higher than the average job growth expected across all industries.

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Is optometry a dying career?

They’re right! But optometry isn’t dying. Indeed, the need for optometrists is going to be greater than ever in the coming decade. Our current population of 315 million will swell to almost 350 million by 2025.

What is a good salary in Australia?

$100,000/year is above an average salary and if you’re frugal enough, on $100,000/year, you should be able to live a good life and save some money too. Usually if you consider living in desirable locations of cities like Melbourne and Sydney, most of your income will be consumed in the house rents.

Is optometry a stressful job?

Recognising stressors in your work can help you reframe the mundane, embrace the meaningful and get more joy from your career. … Optometry is not stressful at all, it’s great!” We chatted for a few minutes about the pros and cons of being an optometrist, and I think I sent her on her way with a new career path.

What’s the highest paying job in Australia?

The 15 highest-paying jobs in Australia

  • General Counsel.
  • Anaesthetist.
  • Surgeon.
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Sales Director.
  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
  • General Manager.
  • Internal Medicine Specialist.

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Is optometry a hard degree?

It isn’t super difficult or anything, but you have to get good at being realistic about how much time you have and getting work done before it piles up. The way optometry courses are set out though, balances that factor by circumstance.

Is optometrist a good career?

It is a dynamic and challenging career which could achieve personal growth, community respect and offers job flexibility, financial success and unlimited opportunities. Optometrists or optometric physicians are primary eye care and health professionals concerned with vision care.

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Do Optometrists make good money?

The national average annual wage of an optometrist is $119,980, according to the BLS, well above the e average annual salary for all occupations, $51,960. … In the best-paying state for optometrists, the average salary is $55,110 more than the national average.

Are optometrists rich?

Along with a fulfilling career an OD can earn a nice living. The median optometrist salary is $110,000/year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The problem is that income has stagnated and private practice isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

Are optometrist happy?

Optometrists are below average when it comes to happiness. … As it turns out, optometrists rate their career happiness 3.0 out of 5 stars which puts them in the bottom 30% of careers.

Is there a lot of physics in Optometry?

Optometrist. Optics is a part of physics. A lot of undergraduate physics courses do not ever get to it because it is usuall the last chapter in the text book. Basically optics is how to numerically determine what will happen to light when passing through different medias.

What does the future of Optometry look like?


The demand for routine refractive vision care is expected to increase by 3.2% between 2015 and 2025, from 110 million annual exams to 113.4 million annual exams. Consequently, ECPs need to be in a position to deliver 3.4 million additional exams per year by 2025.

How many years does it take to study optometry?

It usually takes 8-9 years long to become an optometrist (after high school). The timeline is divided into 3-4 years of undergraduate study (with a primary focus in science/maths) + 4 years of optometry school to become an Optometrist, though the one-year clinical residency program is optional.

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