Best answer: What is unusual about the shape of the Australian 50c coin?

The distinctive coin, which is a ‘dodecagon’ shape with 12-sides was first minted in 1969 and has become a favourite for coin collectors. “It’s the coin that has launched many into a world of coin collecting,” said Royal Australian Mint CEO, Ross MacDiarmid.

What shape is the Australian 50c coin?

Fifty Cents

1966 1969 – present
Composition: 80% Silver – 20 % Copper Composition: 75% Copper – 25% Nickel
Shape: Circular Shape: Dodecagonal
Edge: Milled Edge: Plain
Mass: 13.28 grams Mass: 15.55 grams

What is the rarest 50 cent piece?

What are the rarest silver 50 cent coins? If you don’t count over-dates, proofs, and strange varieties then the rarest half dollar coin is the 1873-S with no arrows. None of those coins are thought to have survived. The rarest coins that still exist are the 1796 and 1797 halves.

Why is the 50 cent coin not round?

Fifty cent coins were round when they were first introduced in Australia in 1966 and were made from 80 per cent silver and 20 per cent copper. The design was changed in 1969 because it was too often confused with the 20c coin. … One man said: ‘Their weight in silver is what they are worth unless in minted condition. ‘

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Which Australian 50c coins are valuable?

Truly uncirculated 50 cent coins from 1969 (cv $25), 1971 ($25), 1972 ($55), 1973 ($60), 1974 ($35), 1985 ($13), 1993 ($22) , and 1997 ($30) are all worth more than any commemorative 50c coin.

What is the rarest Australian $2 coin?

4 Rare Australian 2 Dollar Coins

  • 2013 Purple Stripe Coronation 2 Dollar Coin. …
  • 2012 Remembrance Day Red Poppy $2 Coin. …
  • 2008 or 2009 Double Struck 2 Dollar Coins. …
  • 1988 or 1989 2 Dollar Coins with HH Stamped on them.

What is the rarest coin in Australia?

Is the change in your pocket worth a fortune? Australia’s rarest coin, the 1930 penny proof, sold for $225,000 in 1998. Only six proof versions of the 1930 penny are known to exist: three have private owners, one in the Museum of Victoria, the National Gallery of South Australia and the British Museum.

What year 50 cent pieces are worth the most money?

Most Valuable US Half Dollars – Highest Value Half Dollar Coins

  • 1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar: 15 Stars.
  • 1866 Seated Liberty Half Dollar: Unique Proof – Not Regular Issue.
  • 1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar: 16 Stars.
  • 1839 Capped Bust Half Dollar: Small Letters Reverse.
  • 1796 Draped Bust Half Dollar: 15 Stars.
  • 1817 Capped Bust Half Dollar: 7 Over 4.

What is the rarest Kennedy half dollar?

Trading for $47,000 USD, the coin listed as Lot #5545 became the first 1964 Special Mint Set (SMS) Kennedy half dollar posted in a public sale since 2010. The 1964 SMS Kennedy half dollar is one of the most elusive modern United States coins and is by far the rarest non-error, non-die variety Kennedy half.

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According to the Currency Act 1965, 5c, 10c, 20c and 50c coins are considered legal tender to the value of $5. Any more than that and you need to start using notes.

What animal is on the 50 cent coin?

animal on an australian 50 cent coin
Animal on an Australian 50-cent coin
Animal on an X-ING sign

What picture is on the 50 cent coin?

Only Elizabeth II has been monarch during the coin’s existence. Unlike other decimal denominations, five different portraits of the queen have been used on 50c coins. A unique effigy by Vladimir Gottwald was used for the 2000 Royal Visit commemorative fifty-cent piece.

How many round 50 cent coins were made?

It was made of 80% silver and 20% copper, but as the value of a free-floating silver piece grew higher, the coins’ bullion value became higher than their face value and so were withdrawn from circulation. A total of 36.45 million coins were minted with 14 million put into circulation.

Which Australian 20c coins are valuable?

1966 Wavy Baseline 20 cent

The Wavy 20 1966 20 cent coin is among the most valuable Australian decimal coin varieties you can still find in your change.

Are Australian coins worth anything?

All over the world, you can see avid collectors of many valuable pieces of history. One, in particular, is collectible Australian coins. These pieces are worth thousands and even millions of dollars. Case in point, the Proof 1930 Penny, which was sold to a Sydney collector for $1.15 million last year.

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Are any Australian $2 coins valuable?

“Coins made in 1988 and 1989 with ‘HH’ on them are only worth $2,” he said in the video. “As there were 198 million of these minted.”

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