Can you cruise from Australia to Hawaii?

There are a variety of ways to cruise to and around the Hawaiian Islands. … You can sail across the Pacific to and from Australia aboard Carnival Cruises, Holland America, Royal Caribbean Cruises and Celebrity Cruises. You can also fly directly to Hawaii and sail a Hawaii inter-island itinerary visiting several islands.

How long is a cruise from Hawaii to Australia?

October 14, 2021: 18-night cruise from Hawaii to Australia on Royal Caribbean Cruises. One-way from Honolulu (Hawaii) to Sydney (Australia).

Are cruises Cancelled in Australia?

Sailing Update. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are sorry to share the news that Carnival Cruise Line is pausing operations for all Australian sailings departing from 15 March 2020 through to and including 19 May 2021, as well all Carnival Spirit sailings through to and including 12 June 2021.

Can you take a cruise ship to Hawaii?

With convenient roundtrip cruise departures from Los Angeles, San Francisco or Vancouver, it’s easy to cruise to Hawaii in style and avoid the hassle of a long, boring plane flight to paradise. And if you’re on the West Coast, it’s even easier to sail — local residents can drive in and sail on the same day!

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How long does it take a cruise ship to go to Hawaii?

How long is a cruise to Hawaii? Hawaii cruises range from seven nights to 18 nights or longer, depending on the itinerary.

How much does it cost to cruise to Hawaii?

Pricing for the month-long cruise ranges from $3,500 to $5,000, with luxury cabins averaging $8,000 to $12,000. Princess offers an Aloha Spirit program aboard all ships bound for Hawaii, which includes cultural activities such as hula and ukulele lessons, folk performances and Hawaiian cuisine.

What is the best month to cruise to Hawaii?

If you need a fall getaway, the months of September and October are best for cruise pricing to Hawaii. Plus, you can usually find affordable flights to Oahu during these months and take advantage of cruise deals and discounts.

Are all Carnival cruises Cancelled for 2020?

Carnival Cruise Line cancels all cruises for 2020. Carnival’s latest list of cruise cancellations includes departures from all U.S. homeports through December 2020. In addition to Carnival Cruise Line, the remaining brands in Carnival Corporation are also included in the cruise cancellations.

Can I cancel my cruise?

Passengers with a reservation on any cruise booked before Nov. 30 can cancel without penalty up until 48 hours before departure. Those who cancel will receive a future cruise credit in the amount of 100% of what they paid.

Are there cruises right now?

Update 7: Following parent company Royal Caribbean Group, it has been announced that cruises are now suspended through November 2020. Here are the details. Update 8: Parent company Royal Caribbean Group has announced the suspension of cruises until 2021 except for pilot sailings out of Singapore on Quantum of the Seas.

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How much does a 7 day cruise to Hawaii cost?

Cheap Hawaii Cruises

Duration Priced from
7 Nights $5,395 per person (double occupancy)

What is the cheapest way to visit Hawaii?

Below, we rounded up some tips for visiting Hawaii on the cheap.

  • Go in late winter or early fall. …
  • Opt for a mid-scale hotel. …
  • Hit the beach and take a hike. …
  • Eat a Hawaiian lunch, poke and market food. …
  • Avoid renting a car and use public transportation. …
  • Watch a hula show, see fireworks, and take a cultural class.

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Is it cheaper to fly or cruise to Hawaii?

Less Expensive

The most pronounced financial benefit of taking a cruise versus traveling by land is that cruising takes out the expense of inter-island flights. Cruising also allows visitors to Hawaii to save on pricy land-based meals in favor of free restaurant options onboard their cruise ship.

What is the best cruise ship to Hawaii?

  • #1. Celebrity Eclipse. Celebrity Cruises. …
  • #2. Eurodam. Holland America Line. …
  • #3. Emerald Princess. Princess Cruises. …
  • #3. Star Princess. Princess Cruises. …
  • #5. Grand Princess. Princess Cruises. …
  • #6. Norwegian Jewel. Norwegian Cruise Line. …
  • #7. Carnival Miracle. Carnival Cruise Line. …
  • #7. Pride of America. Norwegian Cruise Line.

Is there a ferry from California to Hawaii?

Princess Cruises has three round-trip sailings to Hawaii from California. The Star Princess departs from Los Angeles and stops in several Hawaiian ports as well as in Ensenada. The Grand Princess does a similar journey out of San Francisco.

What cruise lines go to Hawaii from Florida?

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

  • About Hawaii.
  • Princess Cruises: Star Princess to Hawaii.
  • Princess Cruises: Grand Princess to Hawaii.
  • Princess Cruises: Hawaiian Cruises.
  • Carnival Cruises: Cruises to Hawaii.
  • Cruises to Hawaii.
  • Carnival Cruises: Carnival Journeys.
  • Holland America: Hawaii Cruises.
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