How long is the flight from Hong Kong to Australia?

How long does it take to fly from Australia to Hong Kong?

The total flight duration from Australia to Hong Kong is 7 hours, 44 minutes.

How far is it from Hong Kong to Australia?

Distance from Australia to Hong Kong is 5,686 kilometers.

The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Australia and Hong Kong is 5,686 km= 3,533 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Australia to Hong Kong, It takes 6.31 hours to arrive.

Does Hong Kong airlines fly to Australia?

Flights between Hong Kong and Melbourne are marketed by Hong Kong Airlines (HX) and operated by Virgin Australia (VA).

Can I fly from Hong Kong to Sydney?

Cathay Pacific offers direct daily flights from Hong Kong to Sydney. Flights take approximately 9 hours and bring you directly to Terminal 1 of Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport.

Is Cathay Pacific still flying to Australia?

Cathay Pacific will no longer fly to Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth as of April, as the airline slashes its worldwide network to a mere dozen destinations.

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How long is a flight from Japan to Australia?

The total flight duration from Japan to Australia is 9 hours, 11 minutes.

How far is Sydney from Hong Kong?

Distance from Hong-Kong to Sydney

The shortest distance (air line) between Hong-Kong and Sydney is 4,590.75 mi (7,388.10 km).

How many hours is the flight to Australia?

An average nonstop flight from the United States to Australia takes 24h 02m, covering a distance of 8978 miles. The most popular route is Los Angeles – Sydney with an average flight time of 14h 50m.

How many hours does it take to get to Hong Kong?

Flying time from United States to Hong Kong

The total flight duration from United States to Hong Kong is 16 hours, 8 minutes.

Is Hong Kong safe?

Hong Kong – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), including the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR), due to arbitrary enforcement of local laws. Exercise increased caution in the Hong Kong SAR due to COVID-19.

Is it safe to visit Hong Kong now?

In terms of crime, it is a very safe place. However, currently, foreigners are not admitted in Hong Kong, due to COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, HK is safe to travel, but just do not go near protest areas and be mistaken as protesters. … We have confirmed hotel and flight to Hong Kong in December 2019.

Do I need a visa for Hong Kong?

require a visa to enter Hong Kong. All visitors to Hong Kong must have a passport that is valid for at least one month to six months (depending on nationality) after the period of their intended stay in Hong Kong. If you want to travel from Hong Kong to China mainland, you may need to apply for a China visa.

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