How many super funds are there in Australia?

There are about 500 superannuation funds operating in Australia. Of those, 362 have assets totalling greater than $50 million.

What is the current super rate in Australia?

The amount is a percentage of your salary or wages, with the percentage set by the Australian Government and changing over time. The current rate for SG payments by your employer is 9.5%, with this rate currently set to continue until 1 July 2021, when it will increase to 10%.

What are the top 10 super funds in Australia?

Best performing super funds

Super fund Investment option 10 yr return (% per yr)
AustralianSuper Balanced 9.0%
Cbus Growth (Cbus MySuper) 8.9%
Hostplus Balanced 8.8%
CareSuper Balanced 8.5%

What is the biggest super fund in Australia?

Rankings by Total Assets

Rank Profile Region
1. Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation Australia and Pacific
2. AustralianSuper Australia and Pacific
3. Qsuper Australia and Pacific
4. First State Super Australia and Pacific
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What is the super rate for 2020?

Table 21: Super guarantee percentage

Period General super guarantee (%) Super guarantee (%) for Norfolk Island (transitional rate) (from 1 July 2016)
1 July 2019 – 30 June 2020 9.50 4
1 July 2020 – 30 June 2021 9.50 5
1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022 10.00 6
1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023 10.50 7

What is the current super rate?

The Super Guarantee Contribution rate is currently equal to 9.5% of your ordinary time earnings, on income up to $54,030 per quarter. This rate will be increased by 0.5% on 1 July 2021.

What are the top 5 super funds in Australia?

Best and worst performing growth super funds

  • Unisuper – Sustainable Balanced. 7.5% …
  • Australian Super – Balanced. 7.4% …
  • Macquarie – Macquarie OneChoice. 7.3% …
  • Unisuper – Balanced. 7.3% …
  • AON – smartMonday MySuper – Age 45. 7.0% …
  • IOOF – MultiMix Balanced Growth. 6.8% …
  • Fiducian – Balanced Fund. 6.6% …
  • Future Super – Balanced Impact. 6.6%

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Which is the best super fund in Australia?

Top 10 Balanced investment options (super funds): 1 year to December 2020

Super fund Investment option Return
OnePath OptiMix Moderate 12.4%
LGSS Balanced 12.3%
Sunsuper Retirement 12.1%
Cbus Conservative Growth 12.0%

What Super does Barefoot Investor recommend?

What is the best super fund in Australia 2020? The Barefoot Investor suggests Hostplus, Rest, VisionSuper, AustralianSuper and SunSuper as the best super funds in Australia in 2020.

How do I choose a super fund in Australia?

Most people can choose which super fund they’d like their super contributions paid into. You can go with your employer’s fund or choose your own. To find out if you can choose your super fund, check with your employer. Your employer will give you a ‘standard choice form’ when you start a new job.

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What is the average return on superannuation in Australia?

Over the past 28 years, Growth funds have returned 8.1% per year on average and the CPI has averaged 2.4% per year, giving a real return of 5.7%.

Super fund performance: Calendar years (1993 to 2020)

Calendar year Return (%)
2019 14.7%
2018 0.8%
2017 10.8%
2016 7.5%

Which Super Fund has lowest fees?

10 cheapest pension funds (balanced investment option)

Rank Fund name Fees
1 REST $378
2 Hostplus $384
3 Media Super $540
4 NGS Super $540

What happens if I put more than 25000 into super?

The short answer is, if you go over your concessional contributions cap, the excess amount is included in the amount of assessable income in your tax return and you pay tax on it at your marginal tax rate.

What is the Super limit?

There’s a limit to how much extra you can contribute. The combined total of your employer and salary sacrificed contributions must not be more than $25,000 per financial year. If you’re self-employed, concessional contributions are tax deductible. See super for self-employed people.

How much do you have to earn before you pay super?

Generally, if you pay an employee $450 or more before tax in a calendar month, you have to pay super on top of their wages. The minimum you must pay is called the super guarantee (SG): the SG is currently 9.5% of an employee’s ordinary time earnings.

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