How many times have Australia beaten New Zealand in rugby?

Details Played Won by New Zealand
In Australia 86 52
In New Zealand 78 61
Neutral venue 6 4
Overall 170 117

How many times has Australia beaten New Zealand in rugby?

It was contested annually from 1982 to 1995, sometimes as a series of three matches (two in 1995) and other times in a single match. During these years, New Zealand won the trophy 11 times and Australia three times. Since 1996, the cup has been contested as part of the annual Tri Nations tournament.

Who has beaten New Zealand in rugby?

Argentina beat New Zealand for the first time in their history with a 25-15 win in the Rugby Championship. The match was Argentina’s first Test in 13 months, and their victory ensured the All Blacks suffered a second defeat in a row, after losing to Australia.

Who won between Australia and New Zealand?

Australia defeats New Zealand 24-22 in Bledisloe Cup Test as Wallabies post opening Tri Nations win.

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When was the last time the Wallabies won the Bledisloe?

Long time between drinks

Australia last tasted Bledisloe success in 2002, which was actually their fifth title in a row. Matt Burke slotted a match-winning penalty after the siren sounded to give his side a 16-14 win in Sydney. None of the current Wallabies squad have ever got their hands on the coveted trophy.

Why are New Zealand called the All Black?

There are two versions of how the name originated. The first is that after one of the team’s big victories a certain newspaper had intended to have as its headline ‘ALL BACKS’, intimating that the forwards were playing like backs; but a typographical error actually gave the headline as ‘ALL BLACKS’.

What is the biggest win in rugby union?


Margin Team Score
128 New Zealand 145–17
98 New Zealand 101–3
England 111–13
95 New Zealand 108–13

New Zealand

The All Blacks hold an imposing 77% win record in international tests, and with three World Cup wins – matched only by South Africa – they are one of the most successful rugby playing nations in history. The sport is visible all over New Zealand, played by all ages.

Why do the All Black do the Haka?

The All Blacks are believed to have first performed a choreographed and synchronized version of the “Ka Mate” haka in 1905. It is said that this Haka was composed by Te Rauparaha of Ngāti Toa to commemorate his escape from death during an incident in 1810.

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Who is the best rugby player in the world?

10 of the best rugby players in the world in 2020

  1. Semi Radradra. A game-changer.
  2. Antoine Dupont. The French scrum-half is just sheer quality, perhaps the finest proponent of a pre-emptive supporting line in Test rugby at the moment. …
  3. Cheslin Kolbe. …
  4. Maro Itoje. …
  5. Aaron Smith. …
  6. Siya Kolisi. …
  7. Pieter-Steph Du Toit. …
  8. Pablo Matera. …

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When was the last time Australia beat New Zealand?


Record Australia New Zealand
Home 47 (10 August 2019) 51 (23 August 2014)
Away 33 (19 October 2013) 54 (19 August 2017)
Largest winning margin
Home 21 (10 August 2019) 37 (6 July 1996)

Who won Bledisloe 2020?

The Wallabies won Bledisloe 4 with a thrilling 24-22 victory over the All Blacks in Brisbane.

When did Australia last win at Eden Park?

While Australia have had special difficulty getting over the line at Eden Park, their last win being the Bledisloe Cup-winning 22-9 victory in 1986 their connection hasn’t been all bad.

When was the last time Australia won the Rugby World Cup?


Year Host(s) Winner
1999 Wales Australia
2003 Australia England
2007 France South Africa
2011 New Zealand New Zealand

Why did South Africa leave the Rugby Championship?

World champions South Africa have withdrawn from the Rugby Championship because of fears over player welfare and disruption amid the Covid-19 pandemic. … “With time essentially having run out, it left us with no option,” said Jurie Roux, SA Rugby chief executive.

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