How much do customs officers earn in Australia?

A Customs Officer in Australia can earn an average annual salary of $61,562.

How much do Australian Border Force officers earn?

The average border patrol officer gross salary in Australia is $87,932 or an equivalent hourly rate of $42. In addition, they earn an average bonus of $2,005. Salary estimates based on salary survey data collected directly from employers and anonymous employees in Australia.

What qualifications do I need to be a customs officer?

To join at officer grade you will probably need five GCSEs (A-C) including English and maths, plus two A levels or equivalent qualifications. You will normally need two GCSEs (A-C) to join HMRC as an administrative assistant, and five GCSEs (A-C) including maths and English for assistant officer jobs.

How much do Border Protection officers make?

Start as a CBPO in June 2021 as a GS-5 and make $35,265 – $80,265 per year. Be promoted in June 2022 to GS-7 and make $43,683 – $88,683 per year. Be promoted in June 2023 to GS-9 and make $53,433 – $98,433 per year.

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Do Australian Border Force carry guns?

As a result, the ABF allows it officers to carry firearms and PDE at all major Australian international airports.

How do you become a Border Force officer in Australia?

Education & Training for a Border Force Officer

You can work as a Border Force Recruit without formal qualifications. To enter the Border Force Recruit program you must be over 18, hold or be willing to obtain a drivers licence, be an Australian citizen and undergo medical, fitness and security assessments.

Is Customs a good career?

Benefits of Working as a U.S. Customs Officer

A job as a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer offers a good salary, great federal benefits, and job stability. More importantly, though, working in customs and border protection offers a great opportunity to serve others and help keep your country safe and secure.

What is the exam for customs officer?

To become a customs officer you have to clear the civil service exam which is conducted by UPSC. Any Indian above the age of 21 years and a graduation degree can appear in the exam. Apart from that, the aspirant must have scored above 55% in his/her graduation.

How long does it take to become a customs officer?

Typically, a student considering a career as a customs officer completes a degree program as the first step. No specific degree field is required, but students may favor programs in criminal justice. These programs, which take four years to complete, offer courses relevant to a career as a customs officer.

Can CBP officers have tattoos?

Tattoos and/or brandings on the head, face, neck or hands are not permitted.

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Is CBP a dangerous job?

Working as a border patrol agent is often very dangerous because there are so many hazards that can affect you on a daily basis. The best method of staying safe on the job is to wear body armor and stay properly armed. The body armor that you wear could mean the difference between life and death.

How many hours do CBP officers work?

Customs Officers work 40 hours a week. However, overtime is a condition of employment, so you are expected to work overtime.

Can Border Security check your phone Australia?

Both Australian and New Zealand customs officers are legally allowed to search not only your personal baggage, but also the contents of your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It doesn’t matter whether you are a citizen or visitor, or whether you’re crossing a border by air, land or sea.

How do I get a job in Australian customs?

How to Become a Customs Officer in Australia

  1. Step 1: Check you Meet Minimum Requirements. …
  2. Step 2: Apply to the Recruit Traineeship. …
  3. Step 3: Study to Become a Customs Officer. …
  4. Step 4: Begin Work in an Entry-Level Role. …
  5. Step 5: Gain Experience and Consider a Specialisation.

What does border force do in Australia?

​We are Australia’s frontline border law enforcement agency and customs service. We are an operationally independent body within the Home Affairs portfolio. Our mission is to protect Australia’s border and enable legitimate travel and trade.

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