How much does it cost to fly to Bali from Australia?

How much does it cost to fly from Australia to Bali?

Prices to Bali from Australia average $590. You can even find prices in August for less than $590, as users have found deals to Bali from as low as $412. The month of December appears to be one of the more expensive times to travel to Bali from Australia.

What is the cheapest month to fly to Bali?

February is the cheapest month to fly to Bali, has cheaper accommodation and is quieter as a result of the rainy season.

How long is the plane ride from Australia to Bali?

The total flight duration from Australia to Bali is 3 hours, 57 minutes.

How much does a flight to Bali cost?

The cheapest ticket to Bali from the United States found in the last 72 hours was $291 one-way, and $674 round-trip. The most popular route is from Los Angeles to Denpasar and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $699.

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How can I go to Bali on a budget?

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  1. Eat Like a Local.
  2. Book Online in Advance.
  3. Rent a Scooter in Town.
  4. Beware Overpriced Taxis.
  5. Find a Group & Hire a Driver.
  6. Pay with Cash.
  7. Bring a Water Bottle.
  8. Visit Off-the-Beaten-Path Destinations. Amed, Bali. Munduk, Bali. Sanur, Bali. Nusa Lembongan & the Nusa Islands.

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Where is the cheapest place to fly to Bali from?

Flights from Bangkok and Singapore to Bali are often the cheapest.

What is the coolest month in Bali?

May is probably one of Bali’s cooler months. For the locals, the drop in humidity from the wet season really does feel significantly cooler though, and most will don a few extra layers to cope!

Is Bali expensive to visit?

Bali is already the most expensive tourist destination in Indonesia and is slowly becoming more expensive as tourists discover more of Bali, but cheap food and accommodation are still widely available if you don’t mind basic accommodations, stick to your budget, and bargain respectfully for prices.

How much does it cost to stay in Bali for a week?

Bali trip cost for one week

Estimated Costs
Airfare $850
Accommodations $600 ($100 X 6 nights)
Transportation and attractions $120
Food and drink $175 ($25 X 6 7 days)

How far is Bali away from Australia?

Distance from Australia to Bali

The shortest distance (air line) between Australia and Bali is 1,737.23 mi (2,795.80 km).

How do you get to Bali from Australia?

Located in the Java Sea, Bali is an approximately 4 hour flight from Australia’s west coast. Getting to Bali is convenient and affordable thanks to a fantastic range of flights offered by trusted airlines like Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Garuda Indonesia.

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How far is Bali Indonesia from Australia?

The distance between Bali and Australia is 2774 km.

Is Bali cheaper than Thailand?

Bali is generally cheaper for most things but Thailand overall is of a higher standard eg – Kuta/Legian etc is quite dirty and facilities etc low grade where Thailand (Phuket) is much cleaner ……. Well, Thailand is an entire country and Bali is just one island within Indonesia.

How much money do I need for 4 days in Bali?

Now that your airfare,stay and breakfast is sorted the only things you would be spending on would be lunch,dinner,sightseeing,entry fees,water sports,spa and alcohol. You can rent a car for approx INR 3000 per day. You can cover most of the places in 4 days which makes it 3000*4=12000.

How dangerous is Bali?

Although Bali is a beautiful and popular holiday destination, petty crime is common and corruption and scams do occur. We recommend a few simple precautions to help keep yourself safe. There have been cases of bag snatching so remember to keep your valuables out of sight, close to you and zipped up.

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