How much money did the Australian government spend on the 2004 tsunami?

Australia remains committed to assisting countries affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami – the most severe and extraordinary natural disaster of modern times. The Australian Government’s immediate humanitarian commitment of $60 million was fully spent by 30 June.

How much money did the Australian Red Cross spent on the 2004 tsunami?

World Vision, which collected $114.9 million for tsunami relief and rebuilding, has spent $80 million. The Australian Red Cross, which collected $121 million, has spent $62 million.

How much money did the 2004 tsunami cost?

The estimated cost of the damage was just under $10bn (£6.4bn). Ten years on, many coastal towns and villages have rebuilt their communities and lives. The shores of Indonesia and Thailand, left ravaged by the tsunami, appear transformed.

How much money did Australia donate Boxing Day tsunami?

That’s about $2700 for every person affected by the disaster – more than twice the 2004 gross domestic product per capita of the two worst-affected countries, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. The Australian public donated about $375 million to aid agencies following the tsunami.

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What did the government do about the Boxing Day tsunami?

The aid response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was unprecedented for a natural disaster, with a colossal $6.25bn donated to a central UN relief fund assisting 14 countries. The series of tsunamis on 26 December 10 years ago killed more than 228,000 people and left more than 2 million people homeless.

How did Australia help in the 2004 tsunami?

Australia provided $25.8 million in assistance including: $5 million to the Asian Tsunami Fund to re-establish essential services, transport and livelihoods. $4.1 million to UNDP for shelter and basic infrastructure development. $3.6 million to UNICEF for child protection, nutrition and drinking water supply.

How did Red Cross help in the 2004 tsunami?

The Tsunami Recovery Program has helped more than 4 million people rebuild their lives following the 2004 tsunami. ON THE COVER: Ibnu Abas lost his son and house in the tsunami. The American Red Cross provided an improved water source and sanitation for his new house and is helping him learn to fish more sustainably.

How long did 2004 tsunami last?

Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004, tsunami that hit the coasts of several countries of South and Southeast Asia in December 2004. The tsunami and its aftermath were responsible for immense destruction and loss on the rim of the Indian Ocean. did you know? The earthquake that caused the tsunami lasted almost 10 minutes.

Can you swim in a tsunami?

“A person will be just swept up in it and carried along as debris; there’s no swimming out of a tsunami,” Garrison-Laney says. “There’s so much debris in the water that you’ll probably get crushed.” … A tsunami is actually a series of waves, and the first one might not be the largest.

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What was the most expensive tsunami?

Top 10 Costliest World Earthquakes And Tsunamis By Insured Losses, 1980-2018 (1)

Losses when occurred
Rank Date Insured (2)
1 Mar. 11, 2011 $40,000
2 Feb. 22, 2011 16,500
3 Jan. 17, 1994 15,300

How much does the tsunami cost?

s government says the total cost of the damage caused by the tsunami could reach 25 trillion yen ? or U.S. $309 billion. Entire towns were wiped out when the wave hit on March 11. Farms, factories, roads, railways and electricity lines were destroyed, while almost half a million people have been made homeless.

Who helped after the Boxing Day tsunami?

In the immediate aftermath, UNICEF teams worked on the frontline in eight countries — Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, India and Somalia — delivering safe drinking water to protect children and their families from deadly water-borne diseases.

What charities helped the 2004 tsunami?

$70m of the aid has been allocated to Unicef and $60m to the UN World Food Programme. 120 civilian emergency workers were sent to tsunami-hit countries. $350m in government donations, although this is expected to rise to $650m.

Did the 2004 tsunami affect Australia?

Although Australia did not experience the devastation that occurred in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and other Indian Ocean nations, the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami still had an impact. Localised inundation was observed in towns in Western Australia and more than 30 swimmers had to be rescued.

How did the 2004 tsunami affect the economy?

It suffered mostly economic damages over one million dollars involving fishing industries with more than 200 boats sunk. No deaths were reported. Ten people were reported killed, and flooding destroyed a major bridge between the capital Port Victoria and main airport.

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How many countries did the Boxing Day tsunami affect?

(Reuters) – December 26 marks 15 years since a 9.1 magnitude quake off the coast of Indonesia’s Aceh province triggered a tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and nine other countries.

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