Question: How do you use the Australian gold intensifier?

What does Australian gold intensifier do?

This 8.5 fl oz Australian Gold dark tanning oil intensifier is enriched with vitamin E to prevent and diminish fine lines and moisturize and soften your skin. This premium tanning lotion delivers superb tanning intensity and helps you achieve a deeper color.

Can I use Australian gold intensifier in a tanning bed?

It’s fine and tans you pretty much the same way any other lotion without sunscreen would. … I use this intensifier when I tan in an indoor tanning bed. I see a big difference if I don’t use it. I get a lot darker when I use it.

What is the difference between tanning accelerator and intensifier?

Yup they are all the same thing! Although most of the time I find accelerators to be more gel like and on the thinner side where as most intensifiers are usually a little thicker but they all do the same thing! Have no bronzers or tingles and just help you build your own natural color!

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Does Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator work?

It works really well when used with their other sun protection products. I love this lotion and I highly recommend it to everyone who is looking for a great tan and wants healthy looking skin. … Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion will never let you down.

Is Australian gold waterproof?

Specially Formulated: Designed to be Oxybenzone Free, PABA Free, Phthalate Free & Gluten Free. Broad Spectrum. Water Resistant (80 minutes). Vegan, Cruelty Free and never tested on animals.

Which Australian Gold tanning lotion is the best?

With that in mind, let’s look at the top 5 most popular Australian Gold indoor tanning lotions of 2019.

  • Australian Gold BRONZE ACCELERATOR Bronzer.
  • Jwoww Natural Black Bronzer Australian Gold.
  • Australian Gold Hardcore Black 30x Bronzer.
  • Australian Gold CHEEKY BROWN Accelerator Dark Bronzer.

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Is Australian Gold Instant Bronzer a tanning lotion?

General Protection Spray Gels with Instant Bronzer are an innovative hybrid of a continuous spray and a traditional lotion, fitting for those looking for control, hydration and convenience, plus temporary color for an immediate glow.

SPF 15 Spray Gel Sunscreen with Instant Bronzer.

Active Ingredients Purpose
Octocrylene 2% Sunscreen

How good is Australian Gold tanning lotion?

5.0 out of 5 stars Great for people with pale skin, fantastic smell and VERY moisturizing! I have been using this product for a couple weeks now and can VERY much tell a difference in my tan. I have naturally very fair skin so most of the “100x Black” type bronzing lotions leave me streaky.

Should I use a bronzer or intensifier?

Which is best for you depends on your tanning goals, although we generally recommend a bronzer. You are less likely to get any streaks, and the better skin care is a plus. Self tanning lotions are similar to bronzers EXCEPT they are stronger, and designed to use less frequently.

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What happens if you tan in a tanning bed without lotion?

Without the use of tanning lotions, skin is dry and deflects UV rays while using a sunbed, which can make you waste up to 50% of your sunbed tanning session effectiveness. This then results in you having to tan more times to achieve your desired tanning results, which in turn costs you more money.

What is the best tan intensifier?

We’ve whittled it down to our Top 5 Best Tanning Accelerators, so read on and start prepping your skin for the summer sun!

  • Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator Spray. The classic… …
  • ProTan Radically Hemp. …
  • Protan All About The Base. …
  • Protan Simply Instantly Black. …
  • Fiesta Coconut Dream.

Can you use Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator outside?

With Native Australian oils and vitamins A and E, Dark Tanning Accelerator. For indoor and outdoor tanning.

Are tan accelerators safe?

Using tan accelerators for a long time has been found to increase the risk of skin cancer. When taken by mouth, the possible side effects of tan accelerator products include nausea, headaches and itchy skin.

Where can I buy Australian Gold Dark Tanning Accelerator?

Dark Tanning Accelerator Lotion with Instant Bronzer Australian Gold, 8 fl oz – –

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