Quick Answer: How do you spell aunty in Australia?

Aussies tend to use ‘aunty’ more, whilst the Brits use ‘auntie’. Both use aunty or auntie to refer to our Broadcasting Corporations, the ABC and the BBC. According to the infallible Wikipedia, Aussies adopted ‘Aunty’ as a name for our ABC in imitation of the English nickname ‘Auntie’ for their BBC.

What is the correct way to spell aunty or auntie?


1787, also aunty, familiar diminutive form of aunt. As a form of kindly address to an older woman to whom one is not related, originally in southern U.S., of elderly slave women.

What’s the difference between aunty and Auntie?

The main difference between the words Aunty and Auntie are two, the first one is that Aunty is more frequently used in British English while Auntie is more frequently used in American English. The other is that Aunty is mostly used in a more formal tone while Auntie is considered a less formal word.

What is the mean of Aunty?

1. aunty – the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle. aunt, auntie. grandaunt, great-aunt – an aunt of your father or mother. kinswoman – a female relative.

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Is Aunt an English word?

Meaning of aunt in English. the sister of someone’s father or mother, or the wife of someone’s uncle or aunt: I have an aunt in Australia.

How is Aunt pronounced?

In Received Pronunciation they are different : ‘aunt’ is pronounced with a long ‘a’ as in ‘father’, while ‘ant’ has a short vowel as in ‘fat’. In Received Pronunciation, ‘aunt’ rhymes with ‘can’t’, while ‘ant’ rhymes with ‘rant’.

What does Auntie mean in Africa?

Auntie is used frequently in countries such as India and throughout Africa, where age signifies dignity and the elderly are considered an asset to the community rather than a burden.

What is an aunt and uncle called together?

You’d think someone would have thought it a good idea to find a way of referring to aunts and uncles all at once. The word sibling comes from Old English, and just means related by blood. I suggest taking the parental ‘p’ to replace the ‘s’, so aunts and uncles are ‘piblings’.

Is Aunty a Scrabble word?

Aunty is valid Scrabble Word.

Who is your aunty?

If you have an aunt, she would be your dad’s sister or your mom’s sister, or the woman who’s married to your uncle. Your uncle is a brother to your mom or dad. Maybe your favorite aunt, Beatrice, sends you a birthday card stuffed with money each year.

What does Aunty mean in Indian culture?

Aunty in Indian culture is someone who is not as close to become your relative or not in direct relation but is still a close contact. Usually a friend’s mom, neighboring woman or some strange woman is called aunty in India.

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What Aunty man means?

auntie man in British English

noun. Caribbean offensive, slang. an effeminate or homosexual man. Collins English Dictionary.

What is Aunt short for?


Acronym Definition
AUNT Atari Users of North Texas

Why is Aunt pronounced ant?

In its entry for “aunt,” the Random House Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary notes that the ANT pronunciation “was brought to America before British English developed the ah in such words as aunt, dance, and laugh. “

What does Uncle mean?

1a : the brother of one’s father or mother. b : the husband of one’s aunt or uncle. 2 : one who helps, advises, or encourages. 3 —used as a cry of surrenderwas forced to cry uncle.

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