What day does school end in Australia?

Wed 3 Feb 2021 – Wed 31 Mar 2021Colleges finish Thu 1 April. Tue 20 Jul 2021 – Fri 24 Sep 2021 Colleges start on Mon 19 July. Mon 11 Oct 2021 – Thu 16 Dec 2021Check with your college to confirm finish date.

What month does school end in Australia?

The school year in Australia goes from late January until mid-December.

What time do schools finish in Australia?

Starting and finishing times

The school day is generally between 8:30am and 3:30pm, however, specific times are determined locally based on factors such as: bus schedules. links with other schools. organisation of the school day.

How long is the school year in Australia?

In most of Australia, the primary and secondary school year lasts about 200 days, from late January or early February to early or mid-December, and is split into four terms: Term 1 starts in late January or early February and ends in late March or early April (often in close proximity to Easter).

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What date does school finish NSW?

2021 NSW public school term dates

Term First day for students Last day for students
Term 2 (Eastern and Western division) Monday 19 April 2021 Friday 25 June 2021
Term 3 (Eastern and Western division) Monday 12 July 2021 Friday 17 September 2021
Term 4 (Eastern and Western division) Tuesday 5 October 2021 Friday 17 December 2021

How long is Christmas break in Australia?

Equally popular for travel is the Christmas/Summer school holiday break that generally runs for 5-6 weeks – the longest break in the school calendar.

How long is summer break in Australia?

Typically summer holiday in Australia last approximately six weeks, usually from late December (depending on school level) to late January.

How many days can a child miss school in Australia?

​​Your school will work with you if your child has more than five days of unapproved or unexplained days off in a school year. If this does not work, your school might refer your child to a school attendance officer. The school attendance officer will monitor and investigate your child’s attendance.

What time is lunch in Australian schools?

A Day in Secondary School
10.15am – 10.45am Recess
10.45am – 11:35am Teaching period 3
11.35am – 12:20pm Teaching period 4
12:20pm – 13:20pm Lunch time

What day does school start in Australia?

Australian Capital Territory 2021 and 2022 school terms

ACT school terms 2021
Term 1 Monday 1 February (new students) Tuesday 2 February (continuing students) – Thursday 1 April
Term 2 Monday 19 April – Friday 25 June
Term 3 Monday 12 July – Friday 17 September
Term 4 Tuesday 5 October – Friday 17 December
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What age is Year 1 in Australia?

Year 1 (Key Stage 1) = Prep here in Australia

Year 1 students are aged 5 & 6 years old.

What country has the shortest school day?

In Finland, children get a 15-minute break every 45 minutes.

This equates to an average of three hours and 45 minutes of educational instruction each day.

Which country has the longest school day?

French kids put in 6 hours at day, while Americans spend 5-and-a-half hours at school. The school day was 4 hours 40 minutes in the United Kingdom and 3 hours 45 minutes in Germany. Japan, however, had the most school days per year–220 days–compared with 180 days for France and the United States.

What dates are NSW school holidays 2020?

NSW public school term dates

  • Term 1. Eastern division – Wednesday 27 January – Thursday 1 April. Western division – Wednesday 3 February – Thursday 1 April.
  • Term 2. Monday 19 April – Friday 25 June.
  • Term 3. Monday 12 July to Friday 17 September.
  • Term 4. Tuesday 5 October to Friday 17 December.

Is Monday a public holiday in NSW?

Please take note that the Bank Holiday happens on the first Monday in August each year in New South Wales, but it is not a statewide public holiday.

NSW Public Holidays 2021.

Holiday Date Day
Good Friday 2 April Friday
Easter Saturday 3 April Saturday
Easter Sunday 4 April Sunday
Easter Monday 5 April Monday

How many weeks are in a school year in Australia?

The school terms usually runs for 10 weeks a term. These dates don’t include pupil-free days or school development days so check with your individual school. Although independent and Catholic schools run along the same general dates, they do differ in terms of school holidays.

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