What is 2nd year visa in Australia?

This visa lets people 18 to 30 years old (inclusive) – and Canadian, French and Irish citizens 18 to 35 years old (inclusive) – who currently hold, or who have held, a Working Holiday visa, have a second working holiday in Australia.

How long do you have to use your second year visa Australia?

The visa is valid from the date of issue. But it is activated from the date you enter Australia. You have 12 months to enter Australia from the date of issue. Once you enter and activate the visa, it remains active for 12 months from the date of entry.

What jobs count for 2nd year visa Australia?

There are five types of specified work you can do to get a second working holiday visa.

  • Plant and Animal Cultivation: This is the most popular type of specified work among backpackers, and includes: …
  • Fishing and Pearling: …
  • Tree Farming and Felling: …
  • Mining: …
  • Construction:
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How much is the second year visa Australia?

How much does the second year visa cost? To apply for your Second WHV, it will cost you $485 (July 2020).

How long does 2nd year visa take?

The average processing time for the Second Year Visa is currently two to six weeks, so you should make sure to start the application process at least 28 days before your first visa expires to account for any difficulties that could arise (unless you apply overseas).

Do weekends count towards 88 days?

If you can find full-time work, the 88 days includes your days off. If you are working 35h+ per week on an hourly rate contract (not piece rate) you can count your weekends in your 88 days, so 7 days a week instead of 5. … When working on Piece Rate, there is no minimum hours needed to work to count a day.

Does Wwoofing count for second year visa?

You will need to prove this with payslips from your employer when you apply for your 2nd year visa. During your working holiday visa, you can still do volunteer/WWOOF work but you will not be able to count those days towards your application for a 2nd working holiday visa.

Does au pair work count for 2nd year visa?

Does au pair work count for 2nd year visa? As indicated on the list of specified work for both the 417 visa and the 462 visa, au pairing or nannying does not count as eligible work for a visa extension, even if it is in a regional location.

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What qualifies as regional work in Australia?

Regional work – Eligible postcodes

Prior to starting any work, you should ensure that the location of the work is in an eligible regional area. 2311 to 2312; 2328 to 2411; 2420 to 2490; 2536 to 2551; 2575 to 2594; 2618 to 2739; 2787 to 2899. Note: Excludes Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and the Central Coast.

How many hours can you work on a working holiday visa?

Working holiday visas allow the holder to work full time, but a student visa only allows work for 40 hours a fortnight. Unless employers are checking visa status for staff regularly, they may face fines and other penalties.

How long can you stay in Australia without a visa?

How Long does the Electronic Travel Authority allow US citizens to stay in Australia? US citizens can stay in Australia up to 90 days Per Entry are granted Multiple Entry.

Can you get a second working visa for Australia?

If you wish to stay longer and continue your working holiday, you may be able to apply for a second Working Holiday visa which will allow you to stay for an extra 12 months. … Find out more information about applying for a second Working Holiday visa (Subclass 417) or a second Work and Holiday visa (Subclass 462).

How long does bridging visa A last?

How long does a bridging visa last for? A bridging visa is generally valid until 28 days after a decision is made on the main visa application. So in Frank’s case, if his 457 visa application is refused, his bridging A visa would cease 28 days after the decision is made.

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Can you work for the same employer on your second year visa?

Most people know a second year working holiday visa (available to those on a 417 visa but not a 462 visa) allows you to potentially continue employment with the same employer – six months on the first visa, six months on the second.

What do you need to apply for second year visa Australia?

  1. Hold this passport. Details. …
  2. Current or previous visa. Details. …
  3. Have enough money. Details. …
  4. Specified work. You must have completed 3 months of specified subclass 417 work.
  5. Be this age. Details. …
  6. Meet the health requirement. …
  7. Meet the character requirement. …
  8. Pay your debts to the Australian Government.

How long can you stay in Australia with a working visa?

With your work and holiday visa, you can stay and work for up to 12 months.

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