What is the best superannuation company in Australia?

AustralianSuper is our top pick for industry super funds. It’s Australia’s largest industry super fund, with more than 2.2 million members. Its default investment option, AustralianSuper Balanced, is consistently one of the top performing growth super funds year after year.

What is the best super fund in Australia 2020?

Best super funds 2020

  • 2020 Gold Fit Cat Fund Award – Unisuper. In 2020, Unisuper took out the Gold Fit Cat Fund award for the most top performing funds over five years. …
  • 2020 Silver Fit Cat Fund Award – IOOF. The Silver award goes to IOOF with five Fit Cat Funds. …
  • 2020 Bronze Fit Cat Fund Award – Australian Super.

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What are the top 10 superannuation funds?

Top 10 Growth investment options (super funds): 10 years to December 2020

Super fund Investment option Return (% per yr)
Cbus Growth (Cbus MySuper) 8.9%
Hostplus Balanced 8.8%
CareSuper Balanced 8.5%
VicSuper Growth (MySuper) 8.4%
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Which Super Fund has lowest fees?

10 cheapest pension funds (balanced investment option)

Rank Fund name Fees
1 REST $378
2 Hostplus $384
3 Media Super $540
4 NGS Super $540

What is the biggest super fund in Australia?

10 largest super funds – by assets

Rank Super fund Total assets ($ billions)
1 AustralianSuper 191.42
2 Aware Super 126.45
3 QSuper 120.31
4 Public Sector Superannuation Scheme 87.29

What Super does Barefoot Investor recommend?

The Barefoot Investor suggests Hostplus, Rest, VisionSuper, AustralianSuper and SunSuper as the best super funds in Australia in 2020.

What is the average return on superannuation in Australia?

Over the past 28 years, Growth funds have returned 8.1% per year on average and the CPI has averaged 2.4% per year, giving a real return of 5.7%.

Super fund performance: Calendar years (1993 to 2020)

Calendar year Return (%)
2018 0.8%
2017 10.8%
2016 7.5%
2015 5.7%

Which is better rest or Australian super?

Looking at their investment allocation, AustralianSuper Balanced has more exposure to international shares than Rest Core Strategy and is slightly higher risk overall. Rest Core Strategy has a greater allocation to lower-risk, defensive assets than AustralianSuper.

Is superannuation the best investment?

PRO: The most noteworthy benefit of investing in superannuation is its tax-effective environment. Contributions to your super fund are usually taxed at the rate of 15%, going up to 30% if the income and concessional contributions exceed $250,000 for a financial year.

How much super do I need to retire at 60?

ASFA estimates people who want a comfortable retirement need $640,000 for a couple, and $545,000 for a single person when they leave work, assuming they also receive a partial age pension from the federal government.

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How much should I pay for superannuation fees?

Workplace funds, those used by employers, charge an average 1.24%. Personal funds, that members can join as individuals, charge an average 1.49%. Retirement funds, for members who have retired, charge an average 1.33%. Small self-managed super funds (SMSF) charge an average 0.80%.

How much super Should I have at 40?

How much super you should have at your age

25 years old $24,000
30 years old $61,000
35 years old $102,000
40 years old $154,000
45 years old $207,000

How do I choose a super fund in Australia?

Most people can choose which super fund they’d like their super contributions paid into. You can go with your employer’s fund or choose your own. To find out if you can choose your super fund, check with your employer. Your employer will give you a ‘standard choice form’ when you start a new job.

How much is Australian Super worth?

As of 30 June 2018, Australians have AU$2.7 trillion in superannuation assets, making Australia the 4th largest holder of pension fund assets in the world. As of 30 June 2019, the balance is AU$2.9 trillion.

Can I buy shares with my super?

A SMSF can invest in direct shares, however purchases must be made on the stock exchange through a broker or online service. Shares can no longer be purchased from members by way of an off-market transfer.

How do I choose a super fund?

Tips for super:

  1. Look at the fund’s performance after the impact of fees and taxes.
  2. Compare like with like and look at what the fund is investing in (e.g. shares and property, cash and fixed interest)
  3. Try to use the same start and finish dates for each fund (performance will differ)
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