What is the purpose of anti discrimination legislation in Australia?

Australia has obligations under a number of international human rights treaties to take measures to eliminate discrimination including on the basis of age, race, sex, pregnancy, marital status and disability.

What is the purpose of Australian discrimination legislation?

Discrimination law exists to enable everyone to take part equally in public life, regardless of irrelevant personal characteristics. Discrimination law regulates public life, not private life, so, for example, it covers what happens at work, in education or in the supply of goods and services.

What is the purpose of anti discrimination legislation?

Anti-discrimination laws are designed to protect against both individual discrimination (committed by individuals) and from structural discrimination (arising from policies or procedures that disadvantage certain groups).

What is the purpose of the Queensland Anti Discrimination Act 1991?

In 1991 the Queensland Parliament passed the Anti-Discrimination Act which aims to protect people in Queensland from unfair discrimination, sexual harassment and other objectionable conduct and provides a means to bring a complaint and have it resolved.

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What is the aim of anti discrimination and equal opportunity legislation?

Equal opportunity law aims to promote everyone’s right to equal opportunities; eliminate, as far as possible, discrimination and sexual harassment; and provide redress for people whose rights have been breached.

What are the 5 laws covering anti discrimination in Australia?

The Australian Human Rights Commission has statutory responsibilities under the Age Discrimination Act 2004, Australian Human Rights Commission Act 1986, Disability Discrimination Act 1992, Racial Discrimination Act 1975, and the Sex Discrimination Act 1984. …

What is the punishment for discrimination in Australia?

The maximum penalty for contravention of the unlawful discrimination protections is $66,600 per contravention for a corporation, and $13,320 per contravention for an individual.

What legislation covers discrimination?

The Equality Act is a law which protects you from discrimination. It means that discrimination or unfair treatment on the basis of certain personal characteristics, such as age, is now against the law in almost all cases.

What are the main features of legislation relating to anti discrimination provisions?

The law includes direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The law also protects people, who are discriminated against because they are thought to be of a particular sexual orientation.

Under discrimination law, it is unlawful to treat a person less favourably on the basis of particular protected attributes such as a person’s sex, race, disability or age. Treating a person less favourably can include harassing or bullying a person. … making derogatory comments or taunts about a person’s disability, or.

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Who does the Anti Discrimination Act protect?

Under federal and state laws, it is against the law for employers to discriminate employees and job applicants, or allow discrimination and harassment to occur within their organisations. In NSW, employers must not treat job applicants and employees unfairly or harass them because of their: age. carer’s …

Which anti discrimination legislation applies in your state?

Australian Capital Territory – Discrimination Act 1991 • New South Wales – Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 • Northern Territory – Anti-Discrimination Act 1996 • Queensland – Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 • South Australia – Equal Opportunity Act 1984 • Tasmania – Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 • Victoria – Equal Opportunity …

What is the name of Queensland Anti discrimination legislation?

The Queensland Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 is an act of the Parliament of Queensland that provides protection against unfair discrimination, sexual harassment, and other objectionable conduct.

What legislation promotes equality and diversity?

The UK legislation for equality and diversity comes predominantly in the form of the Equality Act 2010. It replaced the previous legislation that was in place, creating one general act to follow instead of lots of smaller ones.

What is the current equality legislation?

The Equality Act became law in 2010. It covers everyone in Britain and protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. The information on the your rights pages is here to help you understand if you have been treated unlawfully.

Who does the Equal Employment Opportunity Act protect?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person’s race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy, transgender status, and sexual orientation), national origin, age (40 or …

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