When did the HMS Parmelia arrive in Western Australia?

In 1829 the Parmelia, built in Quebec Canada in 1825, was hired to transport Lieutenant Governor James Stirling and the first group of free settlers to the Swan River in Western Australia to establish a colony.

When did the HMS Parmelia arrive in Australia?

Parmelia arrived at Sydney on 2 March 1834. She embarked 220 male convicts and she landed 218, two convicts having died en route.

When did the Swan River colony became Western Australia?

Colony of Western Australia (1829 – 1901)

The Colony of Western Australia (also known as Swan River Colony) was established as a free colony on 2 May 1829 when Captain Fremantle formally took possession of the land of Western Australia in the name of the King of England.

What happened to the HMS Parmelia when it finally arrived on the west coast of New Holland?

Two days later “Parmelia” was nearly lost when she ran aground on the southbank which bears her name. She was destroyed by fire in an English dockyard on the 1st May 1839. NOTES: ** Peter BROWN appears on this document, a name he used for 15 years in the colony only to revert to the old family name of BROUN in 1843.

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Who were the first settlers in Western Australia?

The first European to sight Western Australia was the Dutch explorer, Dirk Hartog, the first European to suggest to have found a continent there, who on 26 October 1616 landed at what is now known as Cape Inscription, Dirk Hartog Island.

Who was the captain of the HMS Challenger?

HMS Challenger, a wooden corvette of 2,306 tons, was commanded by Captain (later Sir) George Strong Nares, while Sir C. Wyville Thomson supervised the scientific staff. The expedition gathered observations from 362 stations and made 492 deep soundings and 133 dredgings.

Who was the captain of the HMS Sulphur?

Its commander was Captain William T. Dance, whose wife’s name was Helen. His lieutenant was William Preston. Also aboard was Capt Frederick Chidley Irwin, in command of the 63rd regiment.

Who found the Swan River Colony?

In March 1827 Captain James Stirling headed an expedition up the Swan River in search of fertile land to establish a British colony. The party of 18 travelled in two longboats to find the fertile alluvial soil of the upper Swan. All were impressed with the open nature of the country.

Who found WA?

European exploration and settlement. The Portuguese probably sighted the Western Australian coast during the 1520s, but authenticated European discovery followed the move of the Dutch East India Company into the Indian Ocean in the early 17th century.

Why is it called the Swan River?

The river was named Swarte Swaene-Revier by Dutch explorer, Willem de Vlamingh in 1697, after the famous black swans of the area. Vlamingh sailed with a small party up the river to around Heirisson Island.

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Where did the HMS Sulphur land in Australia?

Date of arrival: The HMS Sulphur arrived at Cockburn Sound on the 8th June in 1829.

What is the oldest town in Western Australia?

As the oldest settlement in Western Australia Albany has a rich Aboriginal and European history.

What is the oldest suburb in Perth?

Situated to the west of the city centre, Claremont is one of Perth’s oldest suburbs and with a superb location on the river, conveniently between the city and the coast, and directly on a railway line, it’s also one of the most expensive!

What was Perth originally called?

He ran the new colony by the Swan River from 1829 to 1832 and from 1834 to 1838. The new colony developed on two sites. The port town was named Fremantle in honor of the Captain. Perth itself was founded on 12 August 1829.

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