Where is Antonio from Great Australian Bake Off?

Where was the Great Australian Bake Off filmed?

The Great Australian Bake Off
Production locations Werribee Park Mansion (2013) Yaralla Estate (2015) Sydney, New South Wales (2018-)
Cinematography Sam Collines (2013)
Editor Anthony Cox (2013)
Running time 60 minutes

Who won Season 1 of Great Australian Bake Off?

Each week, saw keen bakers put through three challenges in a particular discipline. The season aired from 9 July 2013 till 27 August 2013, and saw Nancy Ho win.

Who won Australian Bake Off 2018?

Claudia Anton (pictured, front right) last night was named Australia’s Best Amateur Baker in The Great Australian Bake Off by judges Matt Moran and Maggie Beer. The 48-year-old psychiatrist from Melbourne defeated Dave Yan, 35 from Sydney, and Barb Dunn, 37 from Brisbane.

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